Thursday 23 May 2013

Viennese Moments
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Polar Star Moment? In Vienna?
Where else?

Polar Star Rose
Gracing Vienna's Rose Garden
Since 1982!

La Grappa

Simply Because
I love it.

Shell and small window.
Franciscan Church

The Salts of Life
Zum Schwarzen Kameel
The Night Kitchen

Artist's Atelier
Door sign in a Viennese
Pawlatschen Courtyard

I forgot.
Too much wine.

Yesterday's News
Newspapers bundled and tied
Ready for Recycling
Café Kandinsky

Le Muffin
Café Le Bol
Neuer Markt

Café Diglas
A smile worth a thousand words

Hellmann Salon
Heiligenkreuzer Hof

Frisch gestrichen
Wet paint!

Reflection behind letters
Letters with reflection?
Pause. Reflect.
Push the shutter-release button.

No Letters. No Words.
Still, a sign of the times.
Autumn's here.
Schwedenplatz Metro Station
Five minutes from St. Stephen's Cathedral

Photographed by Merisi
in September 2008
R e p o s t
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. A bit of a sappy title, I know, but could not think of anything better (amended the title, originally this post was called "Viennese Moments" only). Fact is, the past is the past and more moments than we imagine remain there, irrevocably, and we would not want to erase them all, would we? For example the Polar Rose. I walked up and down the rows of roses at the Rose Garden this past weekend, and I could not find any of the two bushes I thought I knew where they are located! I noticed some of the roses have been renamed since I first found them. So, one moment in time, at least for me, I was not able to revisit. Then, the "Foto" sign, it's gone, too!
    Happily, Diglas is still there, thank heavens!
    So, I hope you all are collecting and treasuring happy moments today, and every day,

    1. I noticed this post still runs on the old system, some of the pictures will open to older blog posts. ;-)

    2. Btw, there is no "Night Kitchen" in Vienna, only in my mind!
      Long story .... ;-)

  2. The shell and window get my vote, although there is such beauty in all your images.

  3. A breath of Springtime
    Such lovely images!

  4. Good to see all that recycling. Not much is done on that in our community.

  5. A fine collection of image4s, Merisi. I love that rose and the pile of newspapers.

    And look at you.. a profile photo. You're absolutely lovely! :)

  6. I like the movie and I like the photos.


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