Friday 17 May 2013

Under the Viennese Sun
The Goose Girl Fountain at Rahlstiege

Looking Up
Blue blue Viennese sky and
a scaffolded building at Mariahilfer Strasse
next to the Rahl Steps

The Goose Girl
guarding her geese in the
late afternoon sunshine

Goose Girl Fountain and
balustrade on top of the Rahl Steps

Leaving Mariahilfer Straße
walking across Babenbergerstraße

Goose Girl Fountain by Anton Paul Wagner
Rahlstiege at Mariahilfer Strasse
5th District (Mariahilf)

Photographed 15 May 2013
Images and Text © by Merisi

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  1. Great photos for SWF! Have a nice weekend and greetings to Vienna!

  2. Anonymous17 May, 2013

    Beautiful shots and an lovely blue sky.

  3. Awesome series. Enjoying them all!

  4. Look like the builders are doing a Christo. Nice pictures. I like them.

  5. Lovely spring in Vienna shots. Your goose girl fountain is lovely but my favourite is the Gänseliesel Brunnnen in Güöttingen.
    Nice to see sour blue skies.

  6. It's a beautiful fountain but my favourite shot is at the bottom. Well spotted.

    In answer to your question: many of those traditional masks are from northern regions of Spain and Portugal where winters are very cold. Actually, it's snowing on Portugal's northern highlands at this very moment and it's the middle of May! Can you believe this??? Weather is crazier and crazier!

  7. The girl on Mariahilfer Straße was in a hurry this morning and forgot her skirt or pants ;-)

  8. I've always wanted to be a goose girl...

  9. The shadows behind the goose girl make this an intriguing photo - especially the 'pair of calipers' measuring her!

  10. Merisi, I cannot pick a favorite photo from this collection...each is splendid and adds to poetry of the series.

    Ahhh, that multi-chocolate brownie recipe is decadent. Just the picture seems to send delicious calories my way.

    Best wishes to you for a lovely weekend with lots of blue sky and sun...and flowers, and leafy greeen, and coffee and cake. xo

  11. Delightful captures for the day, Merisi!! I love the goose girl and your beautiful blue, blue skies! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!!

  12. Each photo has special qualities and especially liked the last one with the reflections of the balustrade in the marble paving. Have a lovely weekend!

  13. Love the first shot especially.
    As always you find the most interesting things in everyday life to photograph.

  14. Ja, das sind bluebells und der Duft ist umwerfend. Have a beautiful weekend!

  15. Very nice, Merisi. And that first shot is stunning.

  16. VERY pretty!
    Some goose forgot to put her pants on ahem...


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