Sunday 5 May 2013

Under the Provençal Sun
Sunday Morning Brocante
Viennese Escapes

The Brocante Princess
on a Sunday morning
under the Provençal sun

Not Happy
that Corey
found the best deals
Click to see for yourself!

The Brocante Flâneur
in top hat and
impeccably dressed

Sweet Comfort
Baguette instead of bibelots

The French Way
Brocanting in style

Brocanting in France
on a Sunday Morning

15 August 2010
Images and Text © by Merisi
Filed under: Wishful thinking

* I got the doll, though. :-)

For some exquisite virtual brocanting, head on over
to Corey Amaro's blog and online brocante!


  1. You went shopping with the best. Corey is definitely the Brocante Princess. I have learned a lot about how to deal with vendors and get the best prices by reading her blog.

    Your potato raviolis with sage butter sauce for dinner sounds fantastic. I would wish you a happy weekend, but sounds like you've already had one :)

    1. Absolutely, Corey is tops, in any department! ;-)

  2. Brocante...I love it ! And strolling through Corey's website, made me dream again ;-)

    1. Corey thought she was safe with me - I can't stand flea markets.
      Well, we both soon discovered that I actually love the French version! ;-)

  3. That paper drawing/print is amazing.

    1. Just no chance to get it with Corey. ;-)

  4. Eh? I guess it refers to cloth that is cut to look ragged at the ends?

    1. We'll have to ask the experts for that - I translate it as "absolutely cool thing, not to compare with flea markets in the rest of the world" - honestly. ;-)

  5. The first image is a lovely, romantic look, love the one with the lady carrying the baquette and a man's hand resting near her...sweet, and then those sandals, I have some just about exactly like them...nice. I have been missing you, but going to play catch-up. Happy week Merisi~

    1. I don't get much around these days, unfortunately.
      Good seeing you, and thank you! x

  6. Ah Ah"Baguette instead of bibelots " lol !
    5:Robe gitane+ tongs:lovely choice!
    Yes Black current ...without fruit only flowers

    1. My French vocabulary includes about 11 words, but bibelot somehow stayed with me. ;-)

      My father planted a whole field of black currants. He wanted to make sure we 8 kids got enough vitamin C (he sort of would herd us out into the bushes when he came home from work, and made us eat black currants, which are actually very tasty once they are fully ripe).

  7. I would say, Corey is not only the Brocante Princess, but the Brocante Queen and Empress :-).


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