Tuesday 28 May 2013

The World's largest Lake Stage
Bregenz Festival House

Ready Maid
Sculpture by Gottfried Bechtold
in front of the Bregenz Festival House -
Square of the Vienna Symphonics

The Magic Flute
Come July - and hopefully better weather -
Mozart's opera will be performed on the lake

Walking under the arena
of the Festival stage

26 May 2013
in Bregenz, Vorarlberg
© Merisi


  1. Do do opera singers need to pass a swimming test? :-)

  2. Wow, that's very cool. I'd love to see a play there.

  3. An incredible sight. Loved your photo yesterday too looking on to Lake Constance.

  4. I had no idea something like this exist! :) Your blog always contains nice information with beautiful pictures! Good!

  5. That looks like an amazing location to listen to a concert.
    Sarah x

  6. Finally crossed the Bregenz off my list when we returned last summer, it's amazing what they can build in the water! We ended up catching the dress rehearsal of idea but I bet it's so much more fun with the Magic Flute!

  7. Merisi, the idea of a lake theatre is new to me. Thank you for these photos. They make me curious to see more. Do performances take place as matinees, or does long-lasting summer light allow evening performances, too?

    May I also compliment you on your other recent posts. I've quite enjoyed my morning catch up. xo


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