Monday 11 February 2013

Schönbrunn's glorious Gloriette
Vienna in Winter

The Gloriette
11 February 2013
2:27 PM

A meek winter sun was rapidly disappearing
behind a bank of clouds, the waning light
leaving but the faintest glimmer in the icy air
Vienna is still in the midst of winter.
More snow forecast for late tonight.
Bundle up!

Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. Beautiful, but it does look COLD!! Love your photos, but I can do without the chill!! Have a great week and stay warm, Merisi!!

  2. What icy beauty in this post, Merisi. I'm just now getting caught up with your latest posts and have enjoyed each one in a unique way.

    Many thanks, xo

  3. Merisi, I just adore your work. Stunning.

  4. That is a really beautiful scene.

  5. A lovely scene, captured by you! Bundle up! xx

  6. Wonderful but I feel like I have to put a coat on to look at the photo! brrrr. I'm such a wimp, living in Southern California! ... but it is lovely!

    Stay warm and cozy!


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