Friday 22 February 2013

Merrily we drudge along, drudge along ...
Vienna in Winter. Never-ending Winter

Red Umbrella
View of the Opera House
from the top of the stairs
leading to Albertina Palace and Museum

Albertina Palace
The Sacher Hotel to the left

Lady in Red
Heartfelt thank-yous to all ladies and gentlemen
who brighten this season of our discontent!

Photographed in the afternoon
of 22 February 2013
© by Merisi


  1. I would HAPPILY drudge along through Vienna in the winter!

  2. I'm with you, Merisi! We are tired of snow! I say this, knowing we are expecting more ourselves tonight and tomorrow!! Blah! I do so miss seeing spring flowers by this time in my old neighborhood in DC!

    Wishing you a good weekend, in spite of the weather!


  3. Your second photo is out of this world, Merisi! Sorry you have to endure the cold to take these captures:( Beautiful though:)

  4. Bravo to whoever cleared those colorful Palace steps...knowing a chic red coat would soon be arriving.

    I think that we are getting a free ride from serious snow this winter in NYC. However, it's not April yet!


  5. The unexpected splashes of colour against the barely-there tones of the background scenes certainly provide visual pleasure, if not climatic contentment.

  6. An exquisite series of winter color & contrasts...

  7. The only thing that would save me were the pretty splashes of colors. Love that red coat. I made my husband promise me we would never live where it's cold again. I know a lot of people, including my SIL, love the winter, but not moi. I'm summer all the way.

    Hang in there Merisi. Spring must be coming soon...

  8. Technically, it's still February, so maybe winter has the right to still be here despite us being fed up with it. I think that the official ban on winter complaining gets lifted on March 1st. March feels more like a pre-spring month. Besides, winter whites are such a beautiful background to all the pops of colour you found.
    That's me trying to see the silver lining on a grey day in Warsaw :-).

  9. Wonderful touches of RED!
    Love his red pants

  10. I love #3 with the great glassy reflections...
    Vicarious winter though snow is expected today in Paris...


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