Thursday 7 February 2013

Coffee, Cinnamon Stars, and Puppenkrapfen
It's the Height of Carnival Season, after all!

First Things First
Coffee and Puppenkrapfen, anyone?
Served at Demel's - where else?

A Promise of Spring
Captured at Café Prückel

And then, a step back to Christmas:
Merisi's Recipe for Cinnamon Star Cookies

I n g r e d i e n t s
500 grams (3 cups) ground almonds
450 grams (4 3/8 cups) powdered sugar
2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon
1 tablespoon kirsch

P r e p a r a t i o n
I found an excellent description
of the preparation method on the web.
Instead of paraphrasing, I simply give you the link:
Birgit Kerr's "How to bake Cinnamon Cookies"

And here we are off to Paris,
to visit the fabulous Carol Gillott
at Paris Breakfasts
Her post yesterday about 'etoile' cookies sitting in a basket
outside a Parisian shop is the excuse for bringing up Zimtsterne,
even though they are now out of season here.
Enjoy Paris with Carol!

Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. For the name alone, I'm in love with Puppenkrapfen - how delightful!
    However, Zimtsterne are my favourite Christmas cookie and this last Xmas I struggled to find them in London. I may just try that recipe - better late than never :)

  2. That is a fun word. Puppenkrapfen.

  3. You live a beautiful life and I am so thankful you share the beauty and charm and oh my goodness, yum~

  4. Oh what delicious sights to behold...and thank you also, dear Merisi, for the Zimtsterne recipe. How could such cookies ever, ever be out of season.

    Aren't Carol's Paris Breakfasts delightful!

    We've got a snow storm heading our way.... It's a good time to bake some cookies and make some coffee or tea. xo

  5. I have finally learned to make certain I've had breakfast before I visit your blog otherwise nothing that I have looks even remotely tasty!! Fortunately though, it's a great way to keep from gaining weight!! And Puppenkrapfen!! What a delightful name! Hope you have a lovely weekend, Merisi!!

  6. It's Fat Thursday in Poland today (i.e. the last Thursday before the Ash Wednesday).
    Pączki (Puppenkrapfen) all around.

  7. Etoile cookies should be year-round IMHO!
    Thanks for the shout out Merisi
    Gosh no butter or eggs in this recipe!
    I'm racing back to wolf them down PDQ

  8. That 2nd pic looks sooo Klimptian somehow
    Very poetic..loverly


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