Saturday 12 January 2013

Sunday in the City
Urban Graffiti

a city

where graffiti
and streetart

were not
(Quoted from the above mural)

Photographed Sunday Afternoon
30 January 2011
7th District
© by Merisi

R e p o s t


  1. even the Romans did it.... But must confess some is definitely better than others.

  2. Where I live most of the graffiti is gang related . . . not a good thing I think. But I've seen "street art" also that can be rather interesting, here and there.

  3. I wonder, would there be as much graffiti if it were not associated with the possibility of getting caught?

  4. not a black and white issue. I've seen some beautiful street art, but also have seen gang graffiti that signals bad things. My son was involved in the artistic type for a while, but he still got into trouble.

  5. My youngest daughter has a friend in West Palm Beach, Florida. He has a huge warehouse studio and invites talented young people in to do street art on murals. Some of them are grand and then are sold as well~ Love your images. Have a great week~

  6. Those tree branches in the first photo are the only decoration that wall needs. I'm fine with graffiti on temporary barricades and that sort of thing but on beautiful architecture, it seems like sacrilege -- one artist imposing his art on top of another's.

  7. Love all this cream!! Seems so Vienna to me...
    Tres riche feeling

  8. This has a poetry all it's own, Merisi! Even way out in the countryside here, there is graffiti on the old train trestles and bridges. Mostly declarations of love. Aaaaah! Youth! xx


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