Friday 4 January 2013

Morning in the City
Viennese Moments

Rise and Shine!

"Morning"—means "Milking"—to the Farmer—
Dawn—to the Teneriffe—
Dice—to the Maid—
Morning means just Risk—to the Lover—
Just revelation—to the Beloved—

Epicures—date a Breakfast—by it—
Brides—an Apocalypse—
Worlds—a Flood—
Faint-going Lives—Their Lapse from Sighing—
Faith—The Experiment of Our Lord

Emily Dickinson

Images © by Merisi


  1. I had never thought of morning having so many meanings.
    Good morning to you or I guess it's night time at your house.
    Stunning sky.

  2. Gorgeous sky and, yes, the morning does have many meanings! Great post for the day, Merisi! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!

  3. Morning means walking my two dogs around the block in the peacefulness of dawn. From there it's all down hill.

  4. parisbreakfast05 January, 2013

    Luv it
    Luv it
    Luv it
    ! ! !

  5. Why "dice" to the maid? Is she an early morning gambler?

  6. I overuse the word 'magical' when I comment here but that's what this photo is,

  7. That is gorgeous! I adore watching the sky change from whisper dark to noisy light. I don't do it often. A picture like this can sustain me through the cold winter until it's warm enough outside to tempt me out of bed before the sun comes up!


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