Wednesday 12 December 2012

Vienna at Christmastime
When only Angels and Early Birds
find a Seat at the Table without Reservations

Early Bird
finds a free table,
if it's a lucky one, that is:
I highly recommend not to venture
anywhere in Vienna at Christmastime
without having made a reservation,
days in advance -

Quiet corners to hide from the world,
sipping Viennese Coffee Melange,
feasting on lemon meringue tart,
may be elusive, even impossible, to find,

unless you take the wise route,
by either getting up with Vienna's Hooded Crows
or calling ahead, reserving your place at the table

Lemon Tart, Undone
Photographed for Carol Gillott
of Paris Breakfasts
who appreciates such insights
(I think!)

Happy End, Demel's Way
This being Demel,
the Coffee Fairy, aka Demelinerin,
packed the leftover tart in
what could well be the most beautiful
take-home box in the whole wide pastry world -
for one more feast, later, at home

Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. You need to watch out for those Craws!

    1. Oh dear, my spelling!!!!!
      Thanks for pointing it out, Badger. ;-)

      Now forgive me, for I'll go now and sit in the corner, eating humble pie.

  2. I would be sorely tempted to wear that beautiful lemon meringue tart as a Christmas corsage, if I were one to wear corsages.

    1. Great idea, Louciao!
      I'd be tempted to go with the "undone" one. ;-)

  3. Yep, a great Christmas corsage indeed, but as my mouth waters looking at your beautiful shots, I think I'll stick with eating it if I ever get the chance! Hope your week is going well, Merisi!!

  4. I'm adding the picture of the tart to my pineterest. I have a page devoted to mouthwatering food, and I think that lemon tart qualifies.

  5. This is something that would get me out of bed early (I am not a morning person).

  6. I think it was a divine pastry ! Christmas time at Demel's... wow !
    Nice thursday Merisi !

  7. The pastry is a work of art, even when undone!

  8. What treats! Merisi, your photograph of the sweet waitress somehow reminded me of that famous Seurat profile.


  9. The tart looks divine, no wonder you would want to take some home.


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