Sunday 9 December 2012

Coffee, anyone?
Kleiner Brauner at Café Museum

Caffè macchiato
A kleiner Brauner
comes with a bit of coffee cream,
served the Viennese way on a silvery tray
with a glass of water topped by a downturned spoon

Café Museum
Operngasse and Friedrichstrasse

Christmastime in Vienna
If you plan on visiting
between now and the 6th of January,
you may (no, you w i l l !) encounter long waits
for a table in coffee houses and restaurants.
I urge you to make a phone reservation n o w ,
to ensure a pleasant visit.
Yesterday, I arrived shortly after opening,
before 9 o'clock, and had first pick at a table.
By the time I left, though, the place was humming.
I had to return in the afternoon, and there
were lines out the door.
So, please, place that call now!

Generally speaking, right now,
it pays to be an early bird if you prefer
not to be pushed around by masses of people
roaming the streets. Yesterday afternoon,
it looked as if dozens of cruise ship
had emptied all their passengers at once.

Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. Kleiner Brauner:
    I don't like coffee cream, I ask for a bit of milk on the side instead.

  2. No cruise ships disgorging passengers yesterday at Schloss Grafenegg; rather, a half-dozen or so tour buses dropping visitors at the Adventmarkt.

    1. Victoria,
      that was meant tongue-in-cheek, even though there is the occasional cruise ship along the Danube river. ;-) Tour buses are what are clogging the streets and dropping of visitors as close in as Albertina Square.

  3. Just what I need to start my day and your coffee always looks delicious! Love the way it's served! Hope you have a great, uncrowded weekend, Merisi! Enjoy!

  4. Oooops! Just realized that your weekend is almost over, but then your coffee looks delicious for any day!

  5. We love a good cup of coffee here in Seattle! But I love the elegent presentation of your coffee houses in Vienna! It must be so lovely this time of year. I wish I could visit. Good advice to make a reservation. Enjoy your Day! xx


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