Friday 16 November 2012

Coffee at Café Museum
on a sunny Morning in November

Ein kleiner Brauner
Espresso macchiato
Miniature Sachertorte
Not mine!

A bright November Sun
falls in through the tall windows

at Café Museum
Corner of Friedrichstrasse
and Operngasse

© by Merisi

-> Tea and more at Café Museum


  1. Light + a camera = magic.
    Love the red & black of the last photo and a hip cafe patron. Have a lovely weekend, Merisi.

  2. I'd like to whisk away the cap that lad is wearing - I'm sure it would suit me! LOL

  3. Oh I love the cap too! I shall have a Cafe Mocha with a pumpkin scone please;') Happy weekend Merisi~

  4. He sat in the light through the window and read his paper. Little did he know that his life was about to be immortalized in the images from a world famous photographer who also happened to love coffee houses.

  5. Rouge et Noir, I'd say.
    I wish I could have a nice coffee and do a bit of writing in the quite atmosphere of the Cafe Museum.

  6. I always love your morning coffee shots and I always wish I was right there as well! Have a great weekend, Merisi!!

  7. if I lived in Vienna I could trail after you and paint your coffee still lifes...


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