Saturday 10 November 2012

Autumn in Klimt's Neighborhood
Merisi's Postcards from Vienna

Late Afternoon
The sky looked almost white,
the sun a washed-out lemony pallor,
a moody autumn elegy all around,
were it not for the leaves still on the trees
that refused to tone down their golden splendor

When was the last time
you picked one of those berries
and let it pop?

Brick Gate Post
November hues
for Klimt's paintbox

Photographed this afternoon
in Hietzing, Vienna's 13th District,
a short walk from where Gustav Klimt
had his studio the last six years of his life.

Images and Text © by Merisi

Gustav Klimt's Neighborhood


  1. I saw the Egon Schiele exhibit at the Guggenheim, Bilbao, Spain. I'd like one day to visit the Albertina in Vienna to see both Schiele and Klimt.

  2. A beautiful look at autumn in your world today, Merisi! I love all that gold color as well as well as Klimt's neighborhood. Great captures as always!

  3. Great neighborhood , indeed!
    The golden leaves of autumn do recall Klimt's paintings!

  4. Merisi, it's so good to see that Mother Nature has kept Vienna's autumn treasure trove intact while you were away.

    The colors are splendid. Does it seem strange to you to return to the special light, that is so different from America's mid-Atlantic?

    It was so much fun to see how your eye and camera translated places familiar to me over here. I wonder how many other readers were previously aware of Maggie Valley?


  5. Welcome back in Europe! Poland's autumn has entered the more bare and grey phase. Nice to see a bit of gold.

  6. You're back!
    This series with shades of golden yellow is just stunning.

  7. Welcome back to your home, sweet home...oh Snowberries, do we have those here, I wonder, how lovely that images and the one with the green fence and well, I liked them all. Happy week~

  8. Gorgeous as always, sugar! I missed your Postcards from America and just now saw that you'd been in Charleston! you were only a couple of hours from the Hostess City of the South, my hometown, Savannah, GA! xoxoxox

    1. I was planning on going to Savannah, but Sandy cut my travels down south short!

  9. wow you're back! Vienna is back! :D

  10. parisbreakfast11 November, 2012

    Ha! Back in town


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