Sunday 28 October 2012

Looking up in Charleston, South Carolina
Merisi goes America

St. Michael's Church
Charleston, SC

Looking Up
Sky over Charleston

Light blue Porch Ceiling
and white clouds in the sky


Photographed 25 October 2012
Charleston, South Carolina
© by Merisi

-> Why are Porch Ceilings painted light Blue?


  1. Merisi, if you are still in South Carolina, I ho hope you stay safe with the approach of the super storm.

  2. These photos prove that wherever you go Merisi, your powers of observation go with you.
    What great shots, what perfect angles.
    That last shot reminds me Gone With The Wind.
    Really beautiful, as always.

  3. These are such beautiful shots. The colors are so wonderful.

  4. welcome stateside merisi! let me know if you need anything and if you venture to DC! stay safe in the storm!

  5. I remember porch cielings painted blue.

  6. You've found those Viennese pastels in Charleston! Beautiful!

  7. Superbe ! Un beau voyage !

  8. Interesting to read about the light blue ceilings ! Some 100 years ago and earlier, overhere one painted wall openings in light blue. This was used, especially in rural areas, to prevent insects and flies coming into houses.

    Merisi, take care overthere ! x


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