Thursday 13 September 2012

Walking by Schönbrunn's Palmery
on a splendid September Morning

The Great Schönbrunn Palmenhaus
in die gardens of Schönbrunn palace

The conservatory was designed
by court architect Franz von Sengenschmid

and built between 1880 and 1882

From the outside
looking in

A look towards the caretaker house
next to the west entrance of Schönbrunn

Curlicue on one of the iron gates
of Schönbrunn's Zoological Garden

Photographed 7 September 2012
Images © by Merisi

Further reading:
The great Palm House Conservatory at Schönbrunn Palace
by Alan at Tanglewood Conservatories


  1. Merisi, the photographs in this post and in its predecessor are clearly gorgeous. Who would not want to see this garden and enter the Palm House, and have a break in that little building, too.

    May I also thank you for the E D poetry. It also took me to a faraway place and let me hover there for a while.


  2. The conservatory looks huge and has a beautifully-shaped roof. I would like to see the plants inside.

  3. A beautiful building. I like the peeking through the window photo.

    P.S. Those builders must have worked very fast if they built it between 1882 and 1882 ;-).

    1. Thank you, Zosia! I stand corrected. ;-)

  4. I like the conservatory best in winter, when the outside is covered whith snow and inside the flowers are blooming.

  5. What a delightful conservatory in the gardens of Schönbrunn palace! I love seeing palm trees in Vienna--I didn't know they could survive the cold winters.

  6. What a delightful conservatory in the gardens of Schönbrunn palace. I love seeing the palm trees. I didn't know they could survive such cold winters as you have there.


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