Saturday 22 September 2012

Breakfast at Naschmarkt Deli
Early Bird finds the perfect Spot

Early Bird's View
of the outdoor tables
at Naschmarkt Deli

Turkish Breakfast
Sheep's milk cheese (Turkish Feta),
cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, olives,
butter, honey, and börek,
an herb and cheese filled pastry

Nonewithstanding the early hour,
everybody is already busy
serving breakfast to the early birds -
and yes, Sally, those artichoke flowers
are there for you!

Çay Tea
Strong Turkish tea,
usually sweetened with sugar.
I like to drink it with milk

Photographed 19 September 2012
at Naschmarkt Deli
where breakfast is served
Monday through Saturday
from 7:00 AM until 4:00 PM
Naschmarkt Stand 421-436
4th District

Images and Text © by Merisi
--> All about Çay, the Turkish tea
--> Naschmarkt Deli Homepage


  1. Bring.

    I want to crack that egg open!

  2. ahhh, i miss naschmarkt deli!

  3. YUM I want it
    Delicious looking spot!

  4. As usually beautiful photos. The first one is my favourite, I have an affection for bright coloured tables and chairs.

  5. Coucou ! I come back from Italia !
    I like very much the turkich breakfast ! Good memories...
    Bon week-end !

  6. I want to go to the Nasch Mart today and shop the flea market after breakfast!

  7. Such a breakfast would inspire everyone to join the early birds! I can just imagine how delicious the variety of flavors would be! (Much better than everyday Cheerio's)

    May I also thank you for the rose post with the remarkable DW poem.


  8. I wouldn't mind trying that Turkish tea. I'm a fan of tea, though I don't seem to be very adventurous in trying different types

  9. I'm with Vreni, loving those bright-colored chairs and tables... All of your photos are lovely as usual!


  10. Mmmm. I'm jealous.
    I used to buy the Sesame Rings from the Turkish bakers at the Naschmarkt and eat them with butter and a friend's Kärntner honey. I still long for that.
    My husband's going to Austria for 6 weeks, but not me...

  11. Love the splash of red in each photo. It seems they eat the same sort of breakfast in Turkey that they do in Israel; I recognize those foods...they just need some smoked fish to round it out.

  12. I love turkish breakfasts. I've only been able to find one place that serves them here so I mostly make them at home. I've never had the tea though. It looks wonderful.

  13. These beautiful breakfast pictures are making me hungry! :) But the colours are an added feast - for my eyes...

  14. The colours of this place make me dream of summer... and make me feel like sitting there and sharing some breakfast with you !

  15. So cheerful! That breakfast is right down my alley even though I don't know what "börek" is.

  16. What great colors! All shots are lovely.

  17. •ღ. ℒℴνℯ •ღ. ℒℴνℯ♥¸.•*

    OoooH ♥♥♥ sunny beams loveliness!

    I just adore how vibrant the colors are!


    That Turkish breakfast is surely something I'd like to experience!


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