Tuesday 14 August 2012

Vienna in the Morning
Those luminous Days of August

Morning in Vienna
Brilliant sunshine,

the light crystal clear,
gone's the haze of early August

Kurt's frozen yogurt
still closed

only a few early birds
leisurely at breakfast

or out for a ride
in the cool morning air

while others just sit and breath,
waiting for the tour guide
or Godot, who knows?

Photographed Monday 13 August 2012
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. Very take-your-breath-away pictures.
    The first one had me gasping.
    4 & 5 too.
    Oh heck how to choose?
    I won't!

  2. You showed us some nice picture with a leitmotiv of interesting patches of colors...

  3. That one place certainly has very colorful chairs.

  4. What a beautiful world to wake up to and begin the day! Fantastic captures, Merisi, as always!

  5. What a lovely morning, I can feel the brisk air! I love the colorful images! xx

  6. I love the colourful tables and chairs but that last vivid shot is just adorable.

  7. Luminous is how our day was all the way over here. But no yellow bicycle, alas....

  8. Loving the early morning air this week. Isn't the light just spectacular?

  9. I love the first photo (makes me think of the Côte d´Azur , although I´ve never been there), and the one of Kurt´s chairs of course. I want a frozen yogurt... NOW! ;-)

  10. I love your city!! you are so lucky to live there!!! loving all your photos!!


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