Thursday 16 August 2012

In Dawn's early Light
Viennese Escapes: Illmitz

Dawn's early Light
As the sun slowly
climbs over the horizon
of the eastern sky,

the yellow fruits
of a wild yellow plum tree

reflect and multiply
the early sunrays' light.

I found this wild growing yellow plum -
native to Europe and the Caucasus -
in a thicket of woods along
the reedbeds of Lake Neusiedl.
The grass beneath the tree was strewn
with freshly fallen, sun-ripened fruits,
glistening in the morning dew.
I picked up a few:
They tasted like nourishment
from heaven!

is the Austrian term for Krieche, *
also known as Hafter- or Pflaumenschlehe.

This wild mirabelle
reminds me of Damson plums,
but with yellow, softer flesh that melts on the tongue,
bursting with apricot and honey flavours.
A spoonful of Kriecherl jam
on your toast on a dreary winter morning
takes you instantly
back to warm August days!

* Prunus domestica ssp. insititia Syn.:
Prunus insititia/insiticia

Photographed by Merisi
Along the shores of Lake Neusiedl
near Illmitz
in the early hours of
Sunday, August 2, 2009
Lake Neusiedl-Seewinkel
National Park

Less than an hour's drive
south of Vienna

Images and text
© Merisi


  1. Looks beautiful, sounds delicious, Merisi! Love your captures for the day! Wonderfully colorful!!

  2. Lovely yellow plums in beautiful photos, Merisi! I can almost taste them in my mind. The jam must be delicious. xx

  3. Gorgeous photos and your descriptions have my mouth watering. Must get some breakfast.

  4. Hello Merisi ! How are you ! Lovely mirabelles to make a délicious cake with a little "George" ! Yes !

  5. So beautiful, Merisi ... like little rays of sunshine sent to brighten my day.

  6. These look marvelous Merisi, and the way you describe them makes me thirst for their flavors, but I don't think we can even get them at our fresh market. Maybe if I mix apricots slices with a plum, I might begin to know the flavor~

  7. so beautiful .. I am sure they are delicious... and I might be coming to Vienna .. depends on my friend :-)

  8. Drool....... and no fruit fly, bliss. Reminds me of the plums we found in New Zealand growing everywhere that had been left to multiply by the chinese miners. Thank you.

  9. Drool..... and no fruit fly. Reminds me of the plums growing wild in NZ left behind by Chinese miners. Delicious. Thanks.

  10. Merisi, a week ago I bought some exquisitely ripe and delicious yellow plums at the Union Square Farmers Market. Seeing this post reminds me that the farmer might have more on offer this week. Alas, I will have to wait until next Monday to investigate.

    Aren't summer fruits fabulous!

  11. If one takes the time to stop and take notice and enjoy such simple handouts by nature, there a balance in life becomes apparent . . .

  12. What a very special treat! I just love seeing all forms of fresh fruit and vegetables growing.


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