Monday 30 July 2012

László Fehér’s "Society"
Morning on the Waterfront

The Ringturm
Wrapped in László Fehér’s work “Society”

The tower, designed by architect Erich Bottenstein
and built in the early 1950s, is 305 ft high
and Vienna's second-tallest structure.

Link:  More about ->  László Fehér’s "Society"
Photographed at 6:45 this morning
Image © by Merisi


  1. The image is so crisp, the sky looks great with the pattern of small clouds and the reflection in the river adds depth. I like the colours of this picture too.

  2. The Ringturm definitely looks best wrapped up even though I´m no big fan of this year´s artwork.

  3. Even when going modern, Vienna is lovely pink and blue.

  4. Merisi, how funny to see "our" little band of NYC clouds have now reached beautiful Vienna!

    Thank you for those leafy views in the prior post. There is something wonderful about the promise of cooling shade on a bright July day.

    Over here, we are still having daily afternoon/evening thunderstorm potential. I hope that this pattern will dissipate as it crosses the Atlantic, as it is causing beautiful old trees to topple.


  5. Wow! A beautiful waterfront it is and I love the colorful building! Lovely "powder-puff" clouds and wonderful skies for a backdrop, too! Hope you have a great week, Merisi!

  6. What a sky!!!
    I think I prefer the oldy-worldy buildings to the far right, ahem

  7. I agree with the above comment, about the sky. That is gorgeous.
    And not until now did I realize, Hey! Vienna has graffitti!


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