Wednesday 27 June 2012

Tea and Rhubarb Tartelette
at Café Dommayer

Johann Strauss
still plays the violin
at Café Dommayer

and with his melodies
in mind, a proper pot of tea -
Earl Grey with milk -
tastes even better!

Rhubarb Tartelette
Crust and meringue form a perfect vessel
for this midsummer treat - more, please!

Special Insight
Yes, Carol, I put down the fork
and shot this especially for you!

A glass of water topped with a spoon and
served on a silvery tray
sends the right message:
Sit down, enjoy, relax,
you are in a Viennese Kaffeehaus,
where you can enjoy splendid solitude
in the company of fellow travellers!

Dommayer Café
Dommayergasse 1
13th District, Hietzing
A short walk from Schönbrunn's western gate
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. Yummmm. Much more elegant and lovely than my little pink-iced cookie cut into eight tiny pieces that I am currently consuming for dessert after lunch!

    1. A cookie cut into eight tiny pieces? Sara, you are one wonder of self-constraint! :-)

  2. I admire your will power and resolve, Merisi! To put down the fork and take a photo when presented with such a temptation :-).

    1. Anything for a friend, Zosia! ;-)

  3. Love the simple elegance of the tray and the white china. Indeed, it's time to sit down and relax. And I am with you: Earl Grey with a touch of milk :)

    1. It was such a lovely break from a Sunday morning that had started out way too hectic. I love Early Grey at least as much as my daily cup of coffee. ;-)

  4. Merisi, I am smiling at your comment to Carol. I am also realizing that it is permitted to have tea in a coffee house.


    1. Not only permitted, Frances, but teatime in Viennese coffee houses is getting better and better! Dommayer brews tea with lose leaves, from Vienna's Demmers Tea House,
      my favorite purveyor of organic Earl Grey - with real Bergamot oil, not "flavour" that comes from who knows what.

    2. Frances, here's a link that goes directly to the English language version of Demmer's homepage:
      Demmers Tea House

      Enjyo! :-)

  5. parisbreakfast27 June, 2012

    Oh my...
    I can taste the milky Early Gray
    I'm wondering about toasted meringue on top of rhubarbe though...
    Tarte au Citron is having an absolute fit!

    1. Paris Breakfasts:
      Carol, Madame Tarte au Citron needs to calm down, there's enough meringue topping around for all the tartes.

  6. Strauss, rhubarb tartelette and a cup of tea at Café Dommayer... I follow you Merisi in your marvellous Wien...

    Nice afternoon !

  7. Anonymous27 June, 2012

    Fantastic! Rhubarb Tartelette is spoiling us!

  8. I love milk in my Earl Grey though many don't...and love desserts made of rhubarb...and strawberries mixed the looks of this!
    Sandi (with JJ in the newest blog..)

    1. Oh yes, American Rhubarb and Strawberry Pie now, pleeease! :-)

  9. Là, c'est un de mes five o'clook favori !!
    thé au lait et tartelette ....
    toujours de jolies vues de ces cafés toujours renouvelées;

  10. Now this is a perfect summer break. Lovely!


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