Thursday 14 June 2012

The Early Bird Commuter and the Undecided
A Viennese Rush Hour Moment

An Early Bird on Wheels
braving the drizzle

riding through

the Rose Garden

on his commute,

past the Temple of Theseus

where another early bird's still not sure
whether it will be shirt and tie
for him too, today.

Photographed on the rainy morning of 13 June 2012
in the Rose Garden, Volksgarten Park,
with views of the Grillparzer Monument, The Austrian Parliament, the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of the History of Art, the Theseus Temple and the 1920s "The Winner" statue by Josef Müllner
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. Some people know how to make an entrance :-)

  2. Anonymous14 June, 2012

    Such lovely shots!

  3. Never lived close enough to my work to commute via bike. Not as lazy as I am, anyway.

  4. I am envying the drizzle. I always knew Vienna would look gorgeous in spring and summer and your photos prove it. It is such a beautiful city.

  5. Thank you all! :-)

    Luckily, all that rain has been accompanied by the one or other sunny hour!

  6. I think he's taking "casual Friday" at the office just a little too far. Aside from that, you mean it rains in Vienna? I would say that calls for a coffee in a café somewhere. You wouldn't happen to know a good one, would you?

  7. Thank you all! :-)

    It is Friday morning and the sun is shining!
    A wonderful weekend to you all,

  8. Good evening dear one, lovely images. Sorry, I have been lax, just going through a bit, but trying hard to catch up... Hugs~

  9. Rain or not, Vienna is always beautiful! Your pictures have delighted my rainy, hot and humid morning in Hong Kong :)

  10. But he's wearing GREEN...sort of
    Nice overhead shots of a wet parc!
    We both took off Friday
    Is it a contagion?

  11. Mmmmmm... that last photo is as delicious as a latte!


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