Saturday 10 March 2012

Red in March
Viennese Moments

Cardamom Tea
... the great silver teapots,
each like a kettle-drum on its wheeled stand,
crossed and recrossed the aisles between the tables
... *

Red in March
Tulips and watermelons
Yppen Square Market
16th District

Red Exit
with green scaffolding
7th District

*) Quoted from
Penelope Fitzgerald's "The Beginning of Spring"
Photographed Saturday, 10 March 2012
Images © by Merisi


  1. That cup and saucer is a bit overly read for me. Very intense contrast against the white pages of the book.

  2. Charles,
    I agree, the colors are very strong, to say the least. I left them the way they turned out because they reflect the bright sunlight which I enjoyed while sitting outside (I was waiting for company and brunch).
    May I ask what kind of monitor you have? The red looks different on my Macbook, a truer red, such as I remember the cup to have, while on my color-calibrated Dell monitor, it has a less brilliant tone.

  3. I should have said that "I thought they reflect the bright sunlight" - then again, it is what it is! ;-)

  4. Merisi, cardamon tea sounds delicious, I have only had cardamon coffee in Oman but would love to taste this tea.

    I've lately been drinking iced peach tea . . . yummm

  5. Gorgeous reds! I'd give anything to join you there in the Vienna sunshine, over a coffee and maybe a slice of Guglhupf! (How come Viennese treats not only look utterly divine but have such cool names too?!)


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