Sunday 4 March 2012

It's you again!
A Bunny at my Table

"Surprise, surprise"
What surprise,
I told you I'd be back!

Listen to "Ancora tu!" by Lucio Battisti
Click -> for English lyrics, "It's you again!"
I have a weakness for Italian cantautori,
here's another Lucio Battisti song,
"E penso a te" ("And I think of you").
Image © by Merisi


  1. I remember quite well 'Ancora tu', a song I liked and still like now.

  2. Hi Bunny! We always see some when we go out walking.
    The other Lucio :) Also gone :(
    And you like him too! My favorite is "Io vorrei... non vorrei... ma se vuoi" but it is a favorite among many beloved songs, like with Lucio Dalla. Italian cantautori are simply the best.

  3. Simona,
    I love "Io vorrei ..." too (interesting, words and melody immediately come back). I agree, Italian cantautori are the best! xxx

  4. Nice post, Merisi. Among the Lucio Battisti nice songs I remember with pleasure also "Fiori di rosa, fiori di pesco".
    Happy Sunday :-)

  5. Hello March Hare! :-)


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