Saturday 18 February 2012

Postcards from Venice
Merisi's Viennese Escapes

Il Telefonista
Il Commendatore? Mr. Scrooge?
I met him again, hours later,
and again today, hanging around
Caffè Florian, cell at his ear

beautiful as ever

Cornetti con Panna
A bakery bar in quartiere San Polo,
I had one years ago,
still remember the taste

Lady in Charge
holding forth at Caffè Florian

Photographed in Venice
17 Febbraio 2012
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. Wonderful Venice -- and I love the lady's hat!

  2. II Telefonista: "Hallo, is this the Lady in Charge? I'd like to make reservations at Caffe Florian for coffee with my friends, today at noon. By the way, do you know if two ladies with their cameras (one form Provence and one from Vienna) will be there? I'd like to meet them."

  3. Do you head tours of Venice? I would love to see it through your eyes!

  4. Beautiful Merisi.
    The woman in the veiled hat and the masked man...wonderful.
    Love the reflective city scene too.
    A great joy to visit here on the grey day at my place.

  5. Dude on the cell phone is HYSTERICAL.

    Canal? Whoooosh - beauty!

    Lady looking mean - pretty cool hat there.

    Can't bring myself to talk about the pastry without drooling on my keyboard...

  6. I would absolutely love to go to Venice during Carnival. It is one of my dreams. Lovely images.

  7. I HAVE to go to Venice during carnival, absolutely!!!
    Love that gentleman in yellow!!!!!!!!!


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