Tuesday 7 February 2012

Along the Danube River
Vienna in Winter

Feeding Time
for waterfowl, with a few seagulls
joining the frenzy

Photographed this morning
at the Danube river
20th District (Brigittenau)

Image © by Merisi


  1. Looks cold. A friend on mine on Twitter was asking tips about Vienna, so I directed her to your blog (I took the opportunity to also send you FB and Twitter requests).

  2. Sheesh it looks VERY cold indeed.
    Did you bring some bread crumbs for the duckies?

  3. Oh Merisi, when I see so many birds in one place, I think Hitchcock. Then I am very glad that I was not in their flight path as they landed with a focus on afternoon snacking.

    All the same, your photo really got me thinking, as your photos always do. Just not about coffee! xo

  4. looks like a horror movie I saw once. :)

  5. wow...that is a lot of birds...

  6. Spacedlaw:
    Thank you! xxx

    Paris Breakfast,
    there was a young lady there, she had a big blue Ikea filled with bags of dried bread cubes from the bakery. She told me she worried about the birds and decided to feed them on her day off work.

    I like that, "Just not about coffee"! ;-)
    The birds were actually very civilized. I was the uncivilized one, taking their picture the very moment another handful of bread cubes had been thrown.
    I think most of the swans must have been very young, their feathers were not white yet (this brings me almost to tears, I once could count on a very good and sweet friend to leave a comment with the correct information about the birds I photographed).

    Charles Gramlich,
    being there is different! ;-)

  7. This picture is really awesome! Contrata, AL


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