Sunday 18 December 2011

Vienna's Grand Piazza, the Graben
Christmastime in Vienna

Christmas Chandelier
High over Graben

Looking Up
Stock-im-Eisen Square
appearing out of the
Christmas trees at Graben

Looking Up
The 1874/76 Graben-Hof
by Otto Thieneman and Otto Wagner
and one more chandelier

Beyond the Trees
E. Braun & Co's
venerable building
at the corner of
Graben and Spiegelgasse

the morning of
13 December 2011

Images © by Merisi


  1. Cool. It's huge!!!!. Looks like an alien artifact hanging over the city.

  2. Your Christmas images are always the best!

  3. Charles,
    It's Independence Day - Christmas edition. ;-)

    Thank you, Richies and Butternut Squash! :-)

  4. I have never seen anything like that. Amazing. They must be glorious at night.
    The practical part of me thinks they must be bears to install but worth it.
    Thank you so much for stopping by.

  5. okay, now you are really making me homesick. if you do rotenturm strasse i might start crying here in my office right out loud.

  6. Hello Merisi! I've been so busy, it took a few days to make it over here to visit. That was funny that you posted a photo of the tinsel, just after I'd mentioned it. Yes, that's exactly the type of tinsel I was thinking about! Lametta is the name in interesting that the same tinsel is used all over the world. Is it still popular there? It is not commonly used anymore in the US. The photos on your blog are lovely!

  7. Beautiful elegant photos of a Vienna Christmas. I just love coming here to see your tidbits of your world.

  8. Your pictures are so beautiful and they have brightened up a rather dark winters afternoon in England ,thank you ...

  9. Oh how devine, each image delights!!!

  10. What magical decorations! But a magical city wouldn't have anything less.

  11. AMAZING !!!

  12. PS
    SORRY !!! Forgot to sign : Marie-Noëlle

  13. One beautiful post after another!
    Great perspectives here! Love #3!!! They are all so beautiful!


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