Thursday 8 December 2011

Vienna Today
Stormy Weather Triptych

Strong gusts of wind all over town,
Aeolus playing with the clouds,

sunlight filtering through gaps,
strong gusts of wind open the one or other view
of a sky in timid winter blue

the wind ever stronger,
the branches dancing
against their will,
their reflection
unable to hold still

Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. Love them, especially the reflection! We had storm yesterday as well - I knew it was coming as Isaak was bouncing through the house long before it landed ;)

  2. Beautiful photos, Merisi!
    Sounds very cold...

  3. Stormy looking here today too, and we had frost this morning. Pretty on the car.

  4. That was some storm, wasn't it? I love your really turned lemons into lemonade!

  5. Yvonne,
    I am happy that the storm finally chased that thick layer of high fog away.

    Sonia A. Mascaro,
    cold, yes!


    Charles Gramlich,
    pretty on the car? I suppose you did not have to drive it until the sun did her de-icing work, did you?

    Martha in Vienna,
    *smile* - it gave me a good excuse to work, with little breaks taking pictures from the window.

  6. Son of Hellen08 December, 2011

    I told Aeolus to CALM DOWN!

  7. Sun of Hellen soliloquises after a hard day's work, I suppose. ;-)

  8. Son of Poseidon09 December, 2011

    Nay...tis SON not sun...

  9. So sorry, your majesty!
    Not easy keeping up with the three of you, if I may say so, ;-)

  10. How to take a picture of the wind?

    Merisi knows . . .


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