Thursday 1 December 2011

On a cold Winter Morning
Music to warm the Heart

Accordion Player
On a cold November morning,
a musician plays his haunting melodies


I made eye contact,
to make sure he was comfortable with being photographed.
I pushed the release button and then told him
how much I had enjoyed his music while
walking up from the deep belly of the
soulless underground station.
He had filled the cold morning
with the warmth of his presence and his melodies.
I left an obolus
in his basket.

Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. Hope he made a lot of money. It must be horrible sitting playing for people and then they walk past ignoring him.

  2. So do I, LL!
    Generally, and I hope I am not mistaken about this, street musicians must apply for a kind of license, in order to be awarded a place and time to perform.
    From what i have observed, people do leave money.

  3. P.S.: I mentioned the "licensing" because from what I hear and see, it seems to ensure that every musician gets a fair share by being accorded a place and time.

    I know a young man who every now and then draws "Ugly portraits for 1 cent" - apparently, certain activities can take place spontaneously. Amazingly, people actually sit for "ugly portraits" - enjoying the genuine performance of a guy (actually two, I think) who likes to spread some cheer. Jim would recognize him. ;-)

  4. What a lovely old man. I never pass a musician without stopping.
    Sorry I have been away for so long. Things have been standing on their heads in our family. When you are worried, it is hard to think of nice things to say.

  5. Its interesting to think that these people need to have a license to perform. I guess it cuts down on the vagrants and pan handlers. I think we need something like that here.

    The music must have been delightful and helped start your morning off with a smile.

  6. Makes me think of Winterreise


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