Monday 5 December 2011

Amphora Blues in the Stadtpark
Misty Morning Meanders

Hanging on
As if suspended between the seasons -
autumn's on his way out, winter's icy chill
already breathing down our necks -
this leaf of a Royal Empress tree
is not yet ready to give up
its perch on a spiky twig

Royal Empress Tree
A conference of leaves
deliberating their fate,
debating ways to escape
their arch enemy, the pharynx
of the city's leaf blower

On the Left Bank
Friedrich Ohmann's Blue Amphoras
grace the stone arches of the promenade
along the Vienna River,
their reassuring blue
and the last passionate red
of the Virginia Creeper
offering colour to hold on to
on a day that seems lost in mist


on a misty morning
on the brink of winter
in Vienna's Stadtpark

Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. Isn't it strange how leaves just hang on. Most of the leaves on our oak tree are still clinging on. We had a small sprinkling of snow last night!

  2. LL,
    this one had already sailed down from a higher perch,
    then decided to hang on. There is a restaurant in Stadtpark, with gilded leaves adorning the fence posts, and I wonder if the artist had observed other leaves falling and catching themselves just like this one.

  3. A leaf hanging on for dear life. There's gotta be a poem in there for sure.

  4. strange blue amphoras!!!
    who knew?

  5. Those large urns are incredible and we also have a few leaves that just do not want to let go of their bow~

  6. I saw the amphoras live in the spring. Nice to see them again a few months later.

  7. I love the stately rhythm of the colors in that last photo.


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