Monday 21 November 2011

Sometimes, I dream In Italian
Of Tuscany and other Dreams

Fruit and leaves
San Polo in Chianti

Coffee and Prosecco
Dolci e Dolcezze

Fragolini Tartlet
Strawberry tartlett
Dolci e Dolcezze

Red Roses
in the doorway

Red or Blue Grapes?
San Polo in Chianti

Ripe Black Olives
Sunrise in the Tuscan Hills
Mazzano in Chianti

Coffee Break
at Cibrèo

Dreams of Italy
Photographed in Florence
and the vineyards and olive groves
of the Chianti Hills
October 2008

Images and Text
© by Merisi


Enter, please!
Would you like
to dream some more?
This post's title and each of the images
will take you
on Italian travels,
simply click on them!
Bon voyage! :-)


  1. These pictures go back three years, yet the moments are as present as if I were there today!

    Time is really playing hide and seek with me these days, I sincerely hope to find a bit again soon!

    A wonderful start into the week to all of you,

  2. Beautifully put, time is playing hide & seek with you... I know that feeling intimately & hope you find some soon again, too :)

    These photos are all beautiful! I love the one with the stairs... Stairs are so promising, for some reason - evocative!

    And the one with the persimmon for its exquisite orangeness :) I love it with the red leaves - gorgeous happy colours! & clicking through to the Tuscan Autumn sun... I want a holiday!! xx

  3. Yvonne,
    regarding your question about the figures in the previous post: I tried to answer, but could not find all the pertinent facts. True is that these are copper statues, the clock is part of a "bridge" that connects two buildings. Information about the Anker Clock abound, yet I could not figure out which historical figure I caught in those pictures. Hope to come up with more soon!

  4. Beautiful photos Merisi. Lots of memories. xx

  5. Yes, Jill, enough warm memories to tidy me over the grey days! :-)

  6. Jetzt habe ich auch Fernweh :-)

  7. What a lovely way to start my week, dear friend! Thank you, sugar! xoxoxo

  8. I need a siesta to go to these places in my dreams. Lovely details of life, as usual, Merisi. Thank you.

  9. Keep dreaming because the results are divine !!!
    Thank you for this post !

  10. I always enjoy your beautiful photos!

  11. Such beautiful colors in the leaves and fruits.

  12. SOMETIMES...
    I think you should live in Italy.
    It does seem to be your favorite place...

  13. PS
    WHERE is the Gelato????
    No Italy without gelato :(

  14. Thank you all! :-)

    © Carol,
    imagine, I forgot, literally, to get a gelato while in Florence two weeks ago. :-(

  15. Your posts always take on wonderful voyages. Italy is always an enchanting destination.

  16. My dream, my most beautiful dream would be to travel the Tuscany area of Italy and then Provence, France, yet I can no longer fly and that is a very long way from home, so your blog can help me visit the area for now~

  17. Such beautiful images -- wonderful how a picture can bring a memory to life.

  18. I could totally live in Italy. Bella.

  19. Great! what a wonderful photos indeed.


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