Wednesday 23 November 2011

Lunching at Babette's
A Feast like no other!

Parsnip Soup
with nut oil and
Pain d´Épices: heaven!
Best chestnut soup ever,
and the spicy fruitcake was a
perfect accompaniment

From the Outside looking in
Food and coffee
were served at the round marble table,
surrounded by cookbooks
in three languages

Caffè Macchiato
we had to forgo dessert:
I am already looking
forward to my next visit!

Spice and Books for Cooks
Schleifmühlgasse 17
Near Naschmarkt
4th District

Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. Kastaniensuppe mit Kuchen? Was für eine tolle Kombi!

  2. Svet:
    Soup and cake were meant for each other, a match made in heaven!

  3. Well, yum. I was just putting chestnuts on my shopping list when I saw your title, Merisi. With cake. Well, I like both so I guess so. It's a savory soup, that you had?


  4. Giulia,
    a savory soup, yes, and the cake was pleasantly moist and not too sweet, maybe sweetened with black-strap molasses. Delicious! I was surprised how well this unusual pairing worked. "Babette" Bernadette Wörndl is an excellent cook.

  5. Oh Merisi, I have never even heard of Chestnut soup, yet I can imagine that it would be a lovely taste and texture and then along with the spicy fruitcake...might just work. I am not crazy about fruitcake made with candied fruit, but I do enjoy my kind~

  6. My education must be sorely lacking as I had never even heard of chestnut soup! Sounds utterly delicious and nourishing and just right for the time of year.

  7. Wow, another coincidence! I had there a job interview recently. I like Babette´s concept: cookbooks, spices and interesting dishes. There is a second store in the city center, Am Hof.

  8. Here they make a chestnut drink with cocoa and orange - for cold nights, whenever they decide to make it our way.

  9. Merisi, before I saw this post, I never knew that chestnut soup existed. Now I know that it does and might even exist on the same table as well balanced fruitcake.


    You continue to take me to lovely places, and to enhance my experience of what life can offer.

    Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving. xo

  10. Oh, I would love visiting Babette's. The fruitcake looks wonderful.

  11. Alright, I goofed, big!
    Yes, Merisi, there is a chestnut soup, there really is, but what you had at Babette's the other day was a parsnip soup with nut oil and Pain d´Épices (I'd still dare to call this a spice-fruit cake!).

    I apologize. *redfaced*


  12. Thank you all for your kind comments.
    Now let's dream of chestnut soup with sugar plums, soon. As soon as that turkey walks out the door!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all,

  13. Was the nut oil drizzled on top of the soup?

  14. If you like food at Babette's, think of taking a cooking class! I did that a week ago - great food, great experience and nice people!

    - Christine


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