Sunday 23 October 2011

Sunday Morning in Vienna
Can't see clearly yet

Sunday Morning
I can't see clearly yet,
can you? ;-)

Sunflower Rising
out of the morning mist

I can see clearly now!
My translation:
Plum pizza!
Thin layer of barely sweet yeast dough
and ripe sweet plums -
where is the Schlag, er, whipped cream????
My friend M says that Europeans are complainers -
I am afraid I am .... oh well, just asking for Schlag

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A bright sunshiny day
to all of you,

Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. What a lovely way to start the day Merisi.

  2. Sam,
    thank you! May your start in the day be even more serene and the beginning of a wonderful day,

    To that grumpy emailer:
    Yes, I know, that the plate with the Zwetschkenfleck is white. You guessed it right! I had still my pink glasses on, you see. ;-) And yes, I could remove that pink glow from the plate (I had a very good PS teacher!), but why should I?
    A wonderful Sunday to you,
    in brilliant whites, if you so desire!

  3. When I finally get to Vienna I will eat my weight in pastries.
    Thanks, can tell by clicking on when you see pinterest in referrals on stats or sitemeter. I've also seen it on a couple blogs but they linked so I didn't mind. Pinterest links also with your blog address directly under the photo. Some of the folks are nice people who follow me so I'm okay with that. I'm pretty protective but it's a whacky visual world out there!
    Catherine xx

  4. Beautiful photos, as always, Merisi! My mouth is watering just looking at that Zwetschkenfleck! Desserts like that always make my eyes see clearly!

  5. I don't know about Europeans being complainers, but I do know that was also my first question...WHERE is the schlag??!! Perhaps, if I act quickly, I can be there by tomorrow morning and join you for a second round of plum pizza, mit schlag! If only.... ;o)

  6. some sunday's i never seem to wake fully. i think this may be one of those days. :)


  7. Anything with plums is always so good!

  8. A perfect song for sunday, perfect cake(almost, huhu!).Happy week!!(It's too late to say happy week-end!)

  9. Hi there! I found your blog through Our View From Wien and I'm your newest follower! I write about Europe too. Would love a follow back at

  10. Oh that plum pizza looks decadent but it does need a little whipped cream.

  11. Hold the schlag PLEASE!!
    I have been eating so many fruit tarts here - they're healthy right?

  12. Thank you all for your kind comments! :-)

    wacky visual world out there,
    I could not agree more! :-)

  13. Plum pizza? How divine!

  14. Now this is my kind of Sunday morning with a Zwetschendatchi (not baked by me) with Schlafobers and coffee.


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