Wednesday 26 October 2011

Returning to the Strudlhof Steps
Vienna's Alsergrund District

On the Strudlhof Steps in Vienna
When the leaves upon the steps are lying
from the old stairs is heard an autumn sighing
of all that's gone across them in the past

A moon in which a couple, holding fast,
embraces, lightweight shoes and heavy footfall
the mossed urn in the middle, by the wall,
outlasts the year between the wars and dying.

So much is past and gone, to our dismay,
And beauty shows the frailest power to stay.

"On the Strudlhof Steps in Vienna"
Poem by Heimito von Doderer
Quoted from his 1951 novel "The Strudlhof Steps"
Translation by Vincent Kling © 1974

Chestnut Leaf
Holding on to fountain rim
The Strudlhof Steps
9th District

Images by Merisi
© October 2009


  1. I remember this. Great fountain.

  2. But where's the apple :(
    Big disappointment..
    I was imagining eating my way up them

  3. That last picture is gorgeous !!!

  4. Good morning, and thank you!
    I am writing this on a rainy morning in Florence. I started breakfast by going barefoot into my friends garden and eating giuggiole from the tree. Herodotus mentioined these fruits that look like small dates and taste like them too, Fruit of the Gods or something they were called in ancient times. It was only recently that I had my first taste of them, my friend W in Venice offered them with a welcome drink. The fig tree still bears some fruit, but those figs are overripe and literally for the birds now. As you can imagine, I was enchanted encountering this ancient fruit try right out the ktichen door. The light is magic, even though it's raining. We will leave for the ferry to Corsica soon.
    Stay well, my friends,

  5. Charmed to find your blog and your beautiful photographs which create a splendid environment, after a voyage in Gers which looks as a little Tuscany and its hills!
    See you soon !

  6. Das letzte Foto mit dem Brunnen und Herbstblättern ist einfach berauschend! Großes Kompliment!

  7. enjoy your days in fierence .. I love to be there

  8. I'm thinking that you have the best eye for great photos of anyone I have ever encountered.
    That leaf there in the last photo -- it's just perfect.
    The photographer knows that it would be sinful to brush it aside before snapping.

  9. Such a beautiful post -- photos and poem!

  10. Dear Merisi,
    The poem is just perfect. And the steps are so similar to the Spanish Steps in DC (I know you must remember). Thank you for giving me another glimpse of your spectacular city and a sweet memory of my former home.



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