Friday 14 October 2011

Coffee, anyone?
Autumn Afternoon at Caffé Milano

The best Italian Cappuccino
north of the border

served in Vienna's
Alsergrund District,

just around the corner
of Strudlhofgasse

which takes you
to Vienna's famed Strudlhof Steps

should you be inclined to explore
the neighbourhood.

Caffé Milano
Währinger Strasse 46
9th District

Photographed with my
Sony Ericsson Cell Phone
Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. Yawning...almost 11 pm ... and now I want coffee.

  2. I love your photos. The colours are calling me to have a trip out for coffee. I would like to have coffee where you have coffee.

  3. Vicki Lane,
    I know that feeling all too well! ;-)

    I really enjoy having coffee at Caffé Milano, the great Italian coffee and the atmosphere. Always a highlight, and if it is only a short stop on a busy day (I was coming straight from the airport, it just so happened I had to take a detour because one of my daughters needed to pick up something from the dorm).

    merci! ;-)

  4. I like the little leaf image on the top of the coffee. Not too pretty to drink, though.

  5. Merisi, great that you had that phone handy en route. The phone, joined up with your unique vision, has captured a very appealing location.

    How I wish to settle myself into a chair at a table in that civilized place, and order a delicious coffee.

    Of course, I would want to take a little walk around that neighborhood, too. Someday....

    Best wishes. xo

  6. The same leaf pattern on the coffee as on Costa's Lattes here.


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