Saturday 10 September 2011

Tales from the Mountains
Viennese Escapes: Pürgg, Styria

Hard Hat, Red Trackies
Blue Wonder!

Picture a bit blurry?
Well, yes,
My heart had just missed a beat.
Or two:
I was hiking along an almost vertical mountain face,
when I encountered these fellows,
And foolishly enquired about
The remaining distance to the top.
"So sorry,"
They answered,
"We don't know,
We climbed straight up the wall

Ship Happens
Tread carefully!

Red Wild Strawberries
Build your own Fairyland!
What better excuse to play
In the moss,
After an arduous hike?

Hiker with Red Walking Cane
Yes, I encountered her
Right at the foot of
That vertical mountain face!
Did I ask her any questions,
How far to the top?
You bet.

On Walden Pond
After Henry David Thoreau
Finally got his Liqueurumberjack License.

Evening Entertainment
Puppeteers, performing a play
About San Francis
And the Big Bad Wolfe.
Attendance was voluntary,
And entirely by accident

Red Cross Stitch Pattern
On White Curtains
Square meals
Served to hungry hikers
I had Alpine Char,
right out the mountain lake.

Accordion Player
In white and red checkered shirt
Yes, a bit hazy.
But what to expect,
After a day of strenuous hiking

First published in 2008


  1. Lovely post, Merisi - love your comments! Looks like it was a fantastic hiking experience, though I'm happy to share in the photos rather than the steep climb!

  2. Karen,
    it was a six hours expedition. We took a different path back down which was so steep, a slip would have taken us down into the valley in a minute, but not in one piece, I'm afraid. ;-)

  3. Red is the theme here. Loved the canoe! And the berries really stand out.

  4. Still wild strawberries in the forest?? Mmm, they are so yummy!

    The restaurant looks so inviting and cosy! Wish you showed your dinner)

  5. Oh, those strawberries! And the old lady with the red cane -- me in a few years.

  6. Charles Gramlich,
    it still boggles my mind how that red canoe ended up there! Total mystery. ;-)

    these pictures were taken in July of 2008!
    Lots of strawberries back then (I simply sat down and noshed)! The wirtshaus is in the village of Pürgg (where our climb started). The food excellent, the village like out of a fairy tale. Well worth a trip!

  7. what did the red strawberries taste like?

    do you remember..?

    beautiful pic


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