Sunday 15 September 2013

Vienna's Botanical Garden
September Light

"A Lady red—amid the Hill
Her annual secret keeps!
A Lady white, within the Field
In placid Lily sleeps!

The tidy Breezes, with their Brooms—
Sweep vale—and hill—and tree!
Prithee, My pretty Housewives!
Who may expected be?

The Neighbors do not yet suspect!
The Woods exchange a smile!
Orchard, and Buttercup, and Bird—
In such a little while!

And yet, how still the Landscape stands!
How nonchalant the Hedge!
As if the "Resurrection"
Were nothing very strange!"

Poem by
Emily Dickinson

Meadow Saffron
Autumn Crocus

For Heledd


1 September 2011
Noon at the Botanical Garden
of the University of Vienna
Rennweg and Joaquingasse
3rd District
Images © by Merisi


  1. Shot with my 85mm lens.
    @ those who want to know
    xxx :-)

  2. It's a real pleasure to walk with you in the Botanical gardens,I like the row of benches hidden in trees, the time seems suspended... I wondered if there was also runners as in Central Park or in the Parisian gardens for the contemporary touch and for eliminate the Demel's delights and conterbalance the others delicious viennese places of perdition...

  3. Sweeping away Summer...
    Oh no I don't want to
    Soon we'll be sweeping up Fall leaves :)

  4. Bridget,
    there is an occasional runner, yes, but all in all it is a very quiet place, just Spaziergänger, someone sitting on a bench, reading. I love it! I had only 20 minutes to spare yesterday, enough to fill my heart with pleasure.

  5. Paris Breakfast,
    don't worry, summer lasts another three weeks here and on this blog! ;-) And then come the delights of Nachsommer - Indian Summer, so there is quite some time left before I even start thinking about what comes afterwards ....

  6. So sad as the summer wanes!
    Loved the photo of the wheelbarrow.
    Weekend greetings from NY!

  7. "The tidy Breezes, with their Brooms—
    Sweep vale—and hill—and tree!"

    Can't beat a bit of housekeeping to sweep away any autumnal blues...

  8. Lovely shots in the gardens although I would not pick the pollen strands from the meadow saffron, it's poisonous.

  9. What a lovely place to take a leisurely stroll. I love summer and I don't want it to end.

    P.S. I understand about sharing a computer. I get so anxious for my husband to finish that sometimes I have to be very careful to mind my manners or I'll be in trouble. We finally got our own.

  10. What a lovely place for a walk.

  11. Merisi, I can see how even a brief walk in such a beautiful place would feed the spirits, encouraging observation, contemplation, happiness.


  12. There is a Brazilian song that says:
    "When September comes
    and good news walk in the fields
    I want to see the forgiveness springs again where we planted it together"
    Amazing pics!

  13. Summer pretty much comes to an end for me as I head out on the road Tuesday. So I'll have to head here for my dose of what's left! I knew this had to be Emily--what a gorgeous place this is!

  14. Lovely, as always, to see one season giving way to the next.

  15. Thank you all for your comments!
    They brighten my day, each and everyone.

  16. I THOUGHT that was Emily Dickinson! Great choice with your lovely photos. Jean from an Australian Spring (wattle rather than bush fires in our parts).

  17. I love the elderly gentleman. What a great photo.

  18. Brings back memories of Giverny!

  19. Beautiful poem and I especially like the wheelbarrow shot. That would be wonderful enlarged and framed.
    It speaks to me.

  20. Not many people sitting out today!


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