Sunday 28 August 2011

Sunday Morning in the City
Breakfast in Paradise

Looking up

on my way

to the bakery

Someone who prefers
to sleep in

while I am back home
trying to count the Black-eyed Susans
in the garden below in their morning finery,
a cup of tea and fresh croissants by my side

this morning
Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. I took all the images here with my 85mm lens.

  2. simply gorgeous!
    Of course I coudl not go outside this morning but would have seen nothing like this anyway so just as well to come here for stroll in your shoes :)

  3. Paris Breakfasts:
    Carol, I was thinking of you! I kept looking up the NYTimes all day. I hope all is right in your neighborhood!
    The morning here was gorgeous. After the thunderstorm that came through last night, I had not expected blue skies when I woke up.

  4. Merisi, I agree with Carol about really liking the look of your morning stroll. I'm glad to report that we are now drying out and getting back to normal in NYC.

    I am also glad to report that I have checked out a Stefan Zweig collection: The Royal Game, Amok, The Burning Secret, Fear, Letter from an Unknown woman. Thank you for the introduction. xo

  5. Your walk is full of intense colors and captivating shadows. I love the balcony with the splash of yellow!


  6. dear merisi!
    i adore your blog. i too, live in vienna and am in constant awe and exploration of this city, trying to capture all its beauty. thanks for inspiring me and directing me.

  7. following you and feeling serene ...

  8. Frances,
    it is with great joy that I hear you came through the storm alright!
    I am looking forward to hear from you about Stefan Zweig!

    early summer mornings, especially after a thunderstorm the night before, are special. I love the light!

    welcome and thank you!
    It is such a special place, isn't it?
    I am still full of wonder when I walk around here.
    And I still feel that I am only at the beginning. ;-)

  9. M-Noëlle,
    oh, that makes me feel good too! :-)


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