Wednesday 3 August 2011

Summer Reads
Viennese Escapes: Schloss Kittsee

... Cecilia Tallis half ran with her flowers
along the path that went by the river,
by the old diving pool

with its mossy brick wall,
before curving away
through the oak woods.

The cool shade of the woods was a relief,
the sculpted intricacies of the tree trunks enchanting.

Once through the iron kissing gate,
and past the rhododendrons beneath the ha-ha,

she crossed the open parkland ...
and came up behind the fountain

and its retaining wall
and the half-scale reproduction of Bernini's Triton
in the Piazza Barberini in Rome.

Quoted from
Ian McEwan's novel "Atonement"
Click on the last picture
to see the Triton fountain in Rome

Schloss Kittsee
40 miles southeast of Vienna
First published
6 August 2008

© by Merisi


  1. Shade is a little slice of heaven on earth.

  2. Very fine views.
    The flowers and the green are so beautiful.

  3. Charles Gramlich,
    light and shade, so beautiful,
    compared to dull days with no shade and no reflections.

    if felt like paradise exploring the far reaches of the park. I have not been there since.

  4. Funny picture of a playing lion!


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