Friday 26 August 2011

Lunch in the Vineyards
Endless Summer

Herzlich Willkommen
A warm welcome
under the rose arbor

More roses
at the entrance gate

Wooden tables
and benches
in the courtyard
shaded by a
tall walnut tree

An oak barrel
and geraniums

More flowers
by the green painted fence

Red Gspritzter
for a thirsty soul

Echtes Wiener Schnitzel
und Vogerlsalat
Viennese breaded veal cutlet
and lamb's lettuce

at my table

Blue Lobelia
under the leafy canopy
of the walnut tree

and a bite-sized
chocolate treat


in the vineyards
of Vienna's 19th District
6 June 2010
© by Merisi

Alfresco Lunch
Ilse Brandl Restaurant
Cobenzlgasse 17
19th District


  1. Lovely. I especially like the second pic down.

  2. Oh, I remember this one -- that green lattice and the blue lobelia on the yellow background are wonderful!

  3. Amelia,
    exactly what it seems right now: the weather is such that the illusion of summer never ending comes easy. ;-)

    Charles Gramlich,
    a beautiful moment, just before one steps down in the cool shade of the courtyard.

    Vicki Lane,
    I remember the moment when I reached for my camera and shot this image.

  4. Nice weather, pretty surroundings, flowers, good food, good wine...what else could a person want. Lovely.

  5. This endless summer is a dream for me now, in heavily rained-in London, and just what I need to see! And yesterday's poppies - stunning pictures, every one.

  6. endless summer-good title!

  7. Dearest Merisi...I've missed you, your pictures and your coffee. XX

  8. My Blue Lobelia never came up this season, hmmm wonder if it took a boat to visit you;) The Viennese breaded veal cutlet looks fab, as does the drink, both the hot and the cold. Have a beauty of a weekend~

  9. Thank you all for your kind comments!

    A wonderful weekend to all of you,

  10. Anna Matilda27 August, 2011

    Lovely light in these photos.
    Very calming.

  11. Oh YUM
    Gspritzer looks like tart cherry soda to me...YUM YUM
    With hot chockie to follow
    Does it get any better than this?
    I think not :)

  12. I love the delicate pink roses (am planning an area in my garden for just one kind of pink rose) and I love the green window frame.


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