Thursday 18 August 2011

Or: One can dream, right?

Look at that fellow to the left:
Have you ever seen
a more fitting illustration for:
1. A frayed or tattered condition.
2. A condition of exhaustion:
worked themselves to a frazzle
He looks like my twin,
I swear,
Only difference is,
I am not wearing a scarf!

Wish Upon A Star
Oh well, I will be modest:
Forget the star,
Café Hofburg in the
Courtyard of the Imperial Palace
Is way closer!
All I'd really want to do
Is sitting in that lady's chair,
And dig into
That espresso and schlag affair,
To my heart's content!

The Café Life
Master Class
I want to learn the art of
Lingering at the Kaffeehaus,
Long after the cup of coffee's empty,
Long after I have paid the bill,
Slowly counting out the money,
To make sure,
There's is enough of those coppery coins left,
To get home by bus,
To rest up,
From all that Jazz

Blue-Gray and Verdigris
A Walking Stick and a Golden Hat,
What do you make of that?
I see a fig tree,
And San Francis,
Walking the Umbrian Hills

Ella's in the Olive Grove
What will it be?
Octopus carpaccio?
Whole Golden sea bream,
Minted new potatoes, and grilled radicchio

Out to lunch,
At Franciscan Square:
The watchful eye
Of the Saint from Assisi
Keeps us from getting too ghiotti


"Studies have now shown
hallucinatory experiences
take place across the world.

Previous studies, one as early as 1894,
have reported that approximately 10%
of the population experience hallucinations."
Source: Wikipedia


and first published
in July 2008:
Galerie Ambiente, Rotenturmstrasse
Café Hofburg, In der Burg
Café Mozart, Albertinaplatz
Franciscan Church, Franziskanerplatz
Ella's Restaurant, Judenplatz
Restaurant Immervoll's
Schanigarten at Franziskanerplatz


  1. I see a glass of café-glacé there, in the second image!
    Another very fine sequence, Merisi.

  2. That teddy bear sure is cute; so you are, too. ;-) I want to take a Master class and learn the art of
    Lingering at the Kaffeehaus, too. ;-) Enjoyable photos, as usual.

  3. Hi Merisi, thanks for stopping by my little blog. I appreciate it. I am so looking forward to joining the cafe culture that is Austria. And yes, I will need a masterclass in lingering. Coming from the UK means that we are not good at just "being". Still my daily stops by your blog are easing me in gently

  4. Just finishing The Hare with Amber Eyes and am particularly interested in the Vienna part of the story. Have you shown the Palais Ephrussi (Ringstrasse/Schottenplatz) on your blog? Fascinating Viennese history.

    I would not miss your daily posts. Danke.

  5. I remember the charming little teddy bears from their last outing. A delight to revisit.

  6. Will I ever learn the art of
    Lingering at the Kaffeehaus,
    At least you're surrounded by lingeringness M.
    It must be contagious no?
    Observing is the 1st step to doing it.
    But you have to 'linger' to observe.
    No, I can not do it.
    Shoot and RUNLOLA RUN!

  7. Thank you all for your kind comments!

    Paris Breakfast:
    The Art of Lingering is hard work, indeed!
    I am still on my training wheels, so to speak.


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