Saturday 23 July 2011

Summer in the City
Viennese Moments

It seems these hot days
will never end.

The fierce relentless glare
of the midday sun chases
a lonely whisper of a cloud
into a fast retreat.

Horse-drawn carriages
round the curb of St. Michael's Square
as if under a curse
to never stop
no matter what.

Cornu spirals
dancing with each other -
forming complex curlicues
under the eaves above -
cling to the edge of a building,
desperately seeking shade.

time stands still,
waiting for a nanosecond
so you can catch your breath.

Read the weather forecast,
if you are brave:
Temperature still climbing,
beware of tempests in the evening!

A lonely saxophone player,
caught between Sgt. Pepper’s
„A splendid time is guaranteed for all“
and Pink Floyd's
"The Piper at the Gates of Dawn"?

looking for a cup
of coffee?

A slice
of Anna-Torte, perchance?

That lovely
cherry crumble cake?

he can't decide.
Oh well, so be it.
At least I know what I want:
A cup of Melange, please,
and a cherry strudel!

Images and text
© by Merisi

First published
24 July 2009


  1. I never saw the post the first time around but it looks lovely seeing it for my first time....yummy, too. I can't make up my mind on which dessert appeals to me more. I might have eaten every one!!!

  2. Merisi, you are so, so funny. It is still almost 100 degrees here in New York, and I would so love to have some of that streusel!

    Earlier today, I had to do a bit of travel around town, and relied on buses, not able to even contemplate the temperatures on offer underground on the subway platforms.

    Some forecasters say that we will have a bit of a break tomorrow.

    Fingers crossed. Oh, my plate is empty, could I please have another bit of streusel? xo

  3. The Melange and cherry strudel for me, please!

  4. Hi Merisi :)

    I posted about our trip to Salzburg this morning - unfortunately without the Mönchsberg - my girls little legs were just too tired to walk around anymore, so we will have to save that for our next trip!

    I can't wait for my trip to Vienna in just a few days - and I appreciate any tips you might have. Actually your blog is so full of beautiful Viennese places, I must take some time to look around and make notes!

    All the best,

  5. I want a slice of Anna Torte

  6. I realized two things today.

    1. I would have to buy an entirely new wardrobe if I ever visted Vienna. My black rock and roll tee shirts with the sleeves cut off just wouldn't cut it in the land of gold leafed everything!

    2. I don't know what Melange is.

  7. I love that little bird in the last photo! And the cherry strudel, of course! It may be two years old, but I'm sure its descendants are as fresh as can be.

  8. Oh lalalala ! What a wondeful city ! Yes I would like to take a slice of Anna torte ! huuuummm ! miam !
    Nice new week !

  9. A lovely photo essay -- I see Vienna is elegant even in the heat. But 'll have my coffee iced today.

  10. A lovely photo essay -- I see Vienna is elegant even in the heat. But 'll have my coffee iced today.


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