Sunday 3 July 2011

California Dreaming
Celebrating the Fourth in Vienna
with Rhubarb Crumble and Coffee

A Viennese Melange
and Rhubarb Crumble

while dreaming of the Beach Boys
playing at the National Mall in DC,

the lawn blanketed
from the Lincoln Memorial
all the way to the Capitol grounds

with quilts and families
having picnic with Crabcake sandwiches

and Strawberry Rhubarb Pies
and big fat juicy white Maryland peaches

California Dreaming
with a little surfin' USA thrown in,
only a short walk from the
Imperial Summer Palace Schönbrunn


Friday, 1 July 2011, at
Pure Living Bakery
Altgasse 12
13th District

Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. The rhubarb crumble has me drooling! Lovely images and words as always :)

  2. Desiree,,
    the rhubarb crumble was so rich and buttery (reminded me of Cabot butter from Vermont), I had to take home half of it. Had the last bite last night. ;-)

  3. get OUT!


    """while dreaming
    of the Beach Boys"""



    on my way to the beach NOW
    where beach boys
    play on our radio Constantly...

    i AM in florida

    surf is UP here
    {{ long board & short }}

    then Reggae Sunday
    ~~for happy hour~~
    at the marina...
    so you can see
    i have all my bases covered,
    musically speaking...

    will B looking for crab*cakes.

    we will see
    we will see

    Such Fun Photos,

  4. Somepinkflowers,
    would not mind being in Florida right now! *smile*
    (And I was there when the Beach Boys performed at the National Mall - and not exactly in diapers either.)

    A pan-fried softshell Blue Crab sandwich would not be bad! I would not say no to Carolina Rock Shrimp either. ;-)

  5. Dreaming of the Beach boys! "oh, what a nightmare for you. I hope you are ok." ;)

  6. Charles Gramlich,
    I really and truly enjoyed that summer of 1982 at the National Mall lawn! No nightmares here. ;-)
    (I think it was the year before that "family oriented" Interior Secretary invited Wayne Newton instead - I did not attend and I'd rather not dream about that .... )

  7. I spied the license plate in that last photo! Living the California dream here in Long Beach, hot, hot and summertime has arrived! I'm doing some Viennese dreamin' of enjoying some rhubarb crumble and great coffee at the Pure Living Bakery!

  8. Mmmm, the crumble is so tempting! And the cafe is so lovely. Must try both)

  9. Lovely nostalgia -- the National Mall is quite a treasure.

  10. Hello Merisi and Happy July 4th to you.

    Yes, that Washington Mall is pretty spectacular, but I have to admit I am with Charles G re the Beach Boys.

    Love all that rich crumble and the various coffee cups. Tonight as I type, I'd like to mention that at my side is an iced coffee in the very glass that your Viennese cafes use to present the water, with spoon on top!

    Murky weather in New York today, but we are promised a clear night for tomorrow's fireworks along the Hudson River.

    Thank you for your comment.


  11. Oh Dear Merisi,
    You make me miss Washington so much right now! I don't miss everything about it, but Fourth of July will always be special to me. There is a small triangle-shaped park, which is bordered by Connecticut Ave., Columbia Road and California St. which is perfect for watching fireworks without having to get caught up in all of the crowds of The Mall. My (not yet) husband proposed to me in that park during the fireworks (five years ago tomorrow)!!!! I watched them from many other parts of the city in my years there, but never went down to The Mall!

    I shouldn't be missing rhubarb as much as I do because everyone here grows it, but us!! Aren't we just silly?!

    Thank you for your visit to The Tearoom and for your wishes!

    Hugs to you,


  12. I remember my last 4th at the National Mall too. Such a beautiful night. Lovely, lovely post. Cheers to you in Vienna on this 4th of July!

  13. love me some rhubarb and strawberry pie! Will have to try that crumble, looks ultimately yummy!!!

  14. Wish I could send you a little "California Dreaming".
    Its a beautiful and very hot Independence Day today.
    Going to our son's for a BBQ and fireworks on the street curb in front of his house. What could be better than fun, food and family?

  15. We've had Californian friends visiting us for almost 3 weeks. Now we are dreaming of going to California next summer :-) yes, California dreaming.

  16. Anonymous06 July, 2011

    I like this "mélange" ... all pinkish and turquoisish !!!
    subtle, fresh, and chic ...

  17. Nice dream.
    I hope you had a marvelous 4th Merisi.


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