Saturday 30 July 2011

Breakfast in Paradise
Once upon a time ... Café Noi

Viennese Moments

Saturday Morning
You were busy filling your wicker basket
with delicacies from the Farmers' Market
while the breakfast fairies at Café Noi
steeled themselves for the onslaught
of hungry early morning market aficionados.

The Outdoor Tables
will be quickly occopied
by the lucky early birds.
will have to content themselves
with a table inside.

Thou Shalt Not
covet thy neighbour's
bowl of green tea,
nor his caffè Melange!

Do Not Covet
his Kalamata olives,
nor his chickpea dip!

Do Not Covet
thy neighbour's soft-boiled egg,
nor his caffè latte!

Fill Your Heart with Wonder
instead, about the beauty of the flowers
your neighbour is so freely
sharing with you!

Thank the Gods
for the perfection to which
the cook has fried your eggs!

Marvel about the Hand
that brewed your espresso macchiato,
and the waitress' magic way
to put it in front of you
just so -
art in motion.

Photographed by Merisi
on the sunny morning
of Saturday, April 25, 2009,
at Café Noi,
Peyergasse 12,
where heavenly breakfasts
are being served every Saturday
starting at 9am,
right next to the Farmers' Market.


Café Noi is but a memory,
the owner closed up shop
and moved back to
Western Austria.
What a loss
for Vienna!


Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. One day I will visit Vienna.
    Meanwhile, I will enjoy the sights through your eyes, Merisi.

  2. aahhhh...
    the beauty
    of the perfectly cooked eggs!
    my dear
    are one reason i photo*capture my food
    as i travel!

    YOU are such a stellar inspiration
    in this food*fashion...

    no matter this restaurant
    is no longer such
    YOU have the perfect eggs

  3. I love Olives but those don't actually look terribly appetizing to me.

  4. The olives look delisch and the hot drink, and I am still on my diet, so no olives, none of my Cafe Mocha's for 4 more weeks..ugh~

  5. How sad that such a place is now gone! It looks like it was bliss! I loved reading this--you totally had me feeling far away in lotus land! Beautiful images--I often wonder if you paint, Merisi--you are the queen of still life images and beautiful paintings-waiting-to-happen.

  6. Merisi, I remember this post, loving it so much, commenting and having your reply.

    I would still love to hop on a time machine and find a way to get to this cafe.

    Let's declare it a national treasure, or at least a breakfastime treasure. xo

  7. A beautiful post -- a beautiful memory...

  8. Merisi, I've really enjoyed this "Breakfast in Paradise"! Ah, the delicious fried eggs...

    May I ask you one thing? How did you manage to change into
    I would like to do the same with my blog.

    Have a pleasant Sunday :-)

  9. I do not think I saw this the first time around, and as I read it I thought 'Merisi lives in a heavenly place'. Ok, so the restaurant has sadly gone but the memories, thanks to your magic, remain.

  10. A little piece of paradice which has now moved on.

    Thanks for the glimpse.

  11. Thank you for your kind comments!

    I will return later tonight to answer your question, Pietro!

  12. I covet

    I covet

    I covet
    I could keep on saying it
    I WANT it all!
    Piggie moi


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