Thursday 2 June 2011

Every Bush is burning with the Rose
Vienna's Rose Garden in late Spring

Beside a Dial in the leafy close,
Where every bush was burning with the rose,
With million roses falling flake by flake
Upon the lawn in fading summer snows:

I read the Persian Poet's rhyme of old,
Each thought a ruby in a ring of gold?
Old thoughts so young, that, after all these years,
They're writ on every rose-leaf yet unrolled.

You may not know the secret tongue aright
The Sunbeams on their rosy tablets write;
Only a poet may perchance translate
Those ruby-tinted hieroglyphs of light.
- Mathilde Blind
"In a Kentish Rose Garden" -

Rose Garden
Late afternoon
of Sunday
29 May 2011

© by Merisi


  1. "Burning with the rose." Such a great line.

  2. What a lovely spot to stroll around. I went to a rose garden near my house the other day. Unfortunately, we've had a lot of rain lately so all the roses are looking a bit dreary...

  3. Incredibly LUSH!!!
    'Late Spring'...from your title.
    I'd forgotten..
    Too many pastries dancing in my head to notice..

  4. Beautiful poem! The poet is a new one to me. And all the roses -- and the butterfly cakes and the handsome naked man -- a garden of earthly delights!

  5. Wonderful views of the Garden, Merisi, so joyful!

  6. I like how the lady in the last photo thinks outside the box! And I envy you your visit to that beautiful garden...I hope the air was as fragrant as I imagine, with all those roses.

  7. Ja, ja, da waren wir! That's, in fact, where we were. Yes, wonderful.


  8. WoW! great views. .lovely place to sit in and relax. =)

  9. it must be really pleasent to have rest in such a garden!

  10. Roses are red
    ...and yellow
    ...and pink
    ...and white
    ..and faintly pink
    ..and almost black
    ...and burgundy.
    In Poland yellow roses are called "herbaciane" i.e. "tea coloured".

  11. Your Spring pictures make me want to sit and bask in the sun and smell the heady perfume of the Roses.
    Wonderful shots to brighten my day.

  12. Thank you all! :-)

    The rose garden this time of the year is more beautiful than any picture could convey, and the air is filled with their perfume. Truly uplifting.


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