Saturday 9 April 2011

Vienna Today

High Noon
Blue skies
over Graben Square
Meinl building


  1. every*time it rains
    on my house
    and is dark&drizzly
    i pop
    over here
    to catch the light...

    i do!


    {{ unless
    we are under a tornado warning,
    then i hide
    in the broom closet }}

  2. That sky is the bluest of blue. The contrast with the white statuary makes me think of Greece.

    I am in Texas right now, but the usual blue sky is rather hazy . . . 93 degrees (already!) yesterday.

    Thanks so much for linking me to the Leaves of Grass post about bookshelves. I adore your bookshelves . . . and I have jotted down the name of Arno Schmidt -- a writer unknown to me.

  3. So shiny and lovely! :)

  4. My first thought -- after being in the garden all morning -- was that those fellows needed to put on hats.

  5. Wow, such a wonderful blue sky! Glad that you have some sun in Vienna. :) The sky in London looked almost the same these last days. Isn't it wonderful to feel spring coming?

  6. Am here for a flying visit (leaving first thing Monday for Klagenfurt). The sky today was amazing.

    Thinking of you while I dawdle around the streets.

  7. "Gosh!", as Gary Cooper would say in HIGH NOON...
    Whadda sky!


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