Wednesday 13 April 2011

Morning in the City

Lost in Time
while walking the dog
past the Ronacher Theatre
under blue morning skies

stray sun rays
found their way
into the narrow alley,
painting naughty streaks
between the windows

A Lady in White
stepping from
sunny Franciscan Square
into the archway
leading to Ballgasse


this past Saturday morning
Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. Beautiful light as always...

  2. What an astonishing image that first one is! Mind bending...

  3. Paris Breakfasts,
    thank you, Carol! :-)

    interesting shop window decoration, isn't it?

  4. The one with the Ronacher Theatre in the background is really interesting.

  5. Love the man walking dog statue.

  6. The green doors are fabulous.

  7. Love the usage of light in your photos... Still need to make out there to Vienna; hopefully, one day...

  8. Elisabeth,
    if you walk by you'll see that it is a many-layered shop window. The male figure is a well-dressed mannequin, the sheer "curtain" a reflection of covered scaffoldings, with an opening where the Ronacher is reflected on the shop window glass.

    Charles Gramlich,
    sheer elegance, aren't they?

    Tess Kincaid,
    and inside the door, a carpenter's workshop.
    Walking by, I am always tempted to walk in and see if I could afford his work. ;-)

  9. Senorita,
    thank you and good luck with your travel dreams!

  10. i love this - where was the first picture taken? i'd love to go there

  11. A Brush with Color,
    thank you, Sue! :-)

    I took this picture opposite the Ronacher Theatre,
    on Himmelpfortgasse, just before reaching Seilerstätte (coming from Stadtpark).

  12. Beautiful light in all of the photos.

  13. Loree,
    mornings have that perfect light,
    I love them.

  14. Fantastic photos - as I would expect. I was so sorry to hear that you are having your photos stolen. I'd be interested to know how you put the copyright over the image as you have started to do. I would like to do the same (not that my photos are anywhere near the quality of yours). Have a wonderful day.

  15. Sparrow,
    the watermark is not a deterrent to somebody who thinks nothing of your work. The most recent event involved pictures who had a watermark! I was very close to call it quits. I am not a potted plant who lives off the air - or off other people's work - and while it is true that I am having fun sharing my images, I also feel horribly violated when my trust in human honesty gets betrayed.

    My watermark is created with a simple Photoshop text layer. Picasa has free photo editing tools where you can create watermarks with. Apparently it is quite simple. Good luck!

  16. Beautiful photos - thanks for taking us along!

  17. Come stai Merisina? È tanto che non mi fermo a lasciarti un saluto, ma passo spesso in silenzio, camminando in punta di piedi, spiando da dietro una colonna...

    Baci da Roma
    E xx

  18. Barbara,
    you are welcome! :-)
    Thank you!

    che bello che to sai fatta viva qui!
    Sto bene, ma lo studio occupa gran parte della mia giornata, la famiglia il resto. Spero di finire verso la fine di Giugno, poi dopo, festa! Non vedo l'ora di ritornare in Italia .... abbraccione!

  19. Merisi, it saddens me to think that someone would steal your beautiful images.

    I do hope that dark side of human nature will not deter you from posting many more of your poetic Vienna.


  20. Frances,
    thank you for your kind words!
    Unfortunately it is a fact of life that there are uncounted blogs out there pieced together from other people's work. In fact, big commercial enterprises have sprung up, trawling the web and stealing.


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