Thursday 28 April 2011

Five o'clock in Venice
Viennese Escapes

Venetian Spritz
Aperitivo Select,
Prosecco, sparkling water,
a citrus slice and
a few ice cubes -
Cin cin!

"Row home? must we row home? Too surely
Know I where its front's demurely
Over the Giudecca piled;
Window just with window mating,
Door on door exactly waiting ... " *

"Oh, which were best, to roam or rest?
The land's lap or the water's breast?
To sleep on yellow millet-sheaves,
Or swim in lucid shallows just
Eluding water-lily leaves ... " *

© by Merisi

*) Quoted from
Robert Browning's
poem "In a Gondola"


Why Venice?
Why now?
It's all Carol's fault:
Instead of offering Paris Breakfasts,
lately she has been taking me to
the most beautiful places
and up and down the canals
and calli of Venice,
making me long for that fair city
more than ever.
Click yourself over there -
here ->Paris Breakfast does Venice,
if you dare! ;-)

Bon viaggio!


  1. Love the nesting tables. I like how you capture the simplest things and turn them into art.

  2. That drink looks very, very, inviting :0)

  3. Suddenly becoming thirsty now! The drink in your pic looks so refreshing!

  4. which were best to roam or rest...

    I vote for roaming!!!

    Lovely, lovely as always.

  5. Photowannabe,
    thank you, Sue - you have carried my through many a day when I wanted to quit.

    it's really good, but only in Venice (in the Venice of my mind). ;-)

    maybe you should take the Aperol + sparkling water only version? *giggles*

    of course!

    me too!
    (If only!)

  6. HA!
    Irresistable Venezia.
    No Campari in that spritz?
    Who knew
    Merci indeed

  7. oh oh oh
    i am swooning...

    is that last photo
    ~~caffe florian~~

    {{ where
    i lost my heart
    completely, BTW }}

  8. Paris Breakfast,
    no Campari! ;-)
    Campari has more alcohol than Aperol - both are produced by the same company, though.
    I prefer the Venetian "Select" brand. I also like a Spritz made with Cynar, an artichoke aperitif.

    Yes, the last picture is from Florian's Caffe' (under the arcade). ;-)

  9. I would love to see Venice. In person. Thanks for the lovely photos, as always!

  10. Love the Browning quote! And the pictures do, indeed, set me dreaming...

  11. Thanks for pointing us towards Paris Breakfast. My daughter gave me "Death at La Fenice" for my birthday last year and I just read it recently.
    It's a beautiful day in Warsaw today, could use that Venetian Spritz :-).
    Thank you for your very nice comments on my posts about VIenna.

  12. Ah,that Carol! She's good about that sort of thing!! I wanted to say that I think your photography is stunning...I'm a new follower who is looking forward to visiting Vienna for the first time in November. In the meantime, your blog gives me wonderful ideas about all of the amazing photo opps that await me! Thank you!


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