Sunday 13 March 2011

Once Upon A Coffee Break
Viennese Escapes

Once upon a time,
on a particularly icy winter day,

in the middle of the country side,
there appeared out of nowhere

a beautiful castle
with a restaurant

that offered the weary traveler
hot coffee and the best croissant imaginable
at 9am in the morning!

Coffee Melange
Made with coffee beans
gathered from wild coffee trees
in Ethiopia and roasted locally
So good, I had to
have a second cup

Restaurant Knappenstöckl
Schloss Halbturn

Schloß Halbturn
was built in 1711 by
the Austrian Baroque architect
Lucas von Hildebrandt
as a hunting and summer residence
for the imperial family.

It is located 40 miles
southeast of Vienna and
open to visitors from early spring
into late autumn.


Images and text
© by Merisi


  1. a beautiful place. and also very nice pictures.

  2. How come it is you get your coffee at such absolutely lovely spots and I'm standing in line at Starbuck's. I sure wish I could trade places!

  3. So lovely manorhouse. I would like to live there... :) With cups of something good every day!

  4. Dear Merisi,
    beautiful photos! You always capture perfectly the feeling of the places... I've been following your blog for quite a while now and I look forward to your posts every day. Thank you so much for bringing something of Vienna into my study!

  5. Sonnenblumenkind,
    it is a beautiful place, indeed!
    Like a fairy tale setting all year round.

    for this particular setting you'd have had to get up at 4AM, drive 60 miles, and walk over snowy fields to capture sunrise at the border with Hungary, all near zero Fahrenheit (had to warm the camera every now and then inside my coat to keep the lens from freezing). It was early still, around 8AM, if I remember correctly, when I happened to see the castle and its restaurant. It was a very pleasant surprise when the innkeeper received me not only in a very friendly manner, but offered me some of the best breakfast ever!

    I can't wait to return there.

  6. Thilda,
    you can book a holiday there! :-)

    thank you very much for your kind words!
    Publishing my daily postcards from Vienna is such a wonderful distraction from duties for me, and my go-to when I am tired of working or studying (the kind of photography I get to indulge in for the blog is utter relaxation, far from what I am supposed to produce elsewhere).

  7. Dear Merisis, I share your love for the Burgenland. We have stayed at Schloss Halbturn and will go back this September. Beautiful photos.

  8. aahhhh....
    when i see this snowy loveliness
    i do wonder--->

    will i make my Viennese Escape?


  9. I really love your coffee break post. This is another beautiful place. Plus, I am reading it when having a coffee would be simply perfect.

  10. That hallway with the antlers reminds me of that scene in "The Illusionist" where Paul Giamatti is walking down the long hallway absolutely chock full of antler hangings.

    P.S. If you haven't seen that movie, you really must!

  11. Am I not a lucky girl, getting to travel around with you and drink delicious coffee in the most beautiful of surroundings?

  12. A magical place and well worth reposting!

  13. This castle is a Fairy tale castle ! Won-der-ful ! Café gourmand ! Hummmm :)
    Nice new week.

  14. Oh Merisi, I remember this post, and now, in your reply to a comment, I learn that one could actually stay in such a place.

    Hmmm. Must make a note.

    Thank you for your visit and comment. I have looked up Billy Collins at my wonderful library, and found many of his books are in the stacks. Plus...there are some new arrivals, including a recording or his reading his words, and I have put in a reservation. I'll be sure to write to you again when I have got either books or recording in hand, eye, mind and even soul.


  15. Mmmmmmmm. Definitely looks worth the 40 mile drive. Stunning as always, Merisi.

  16. Oh, I want to go there and have the coffee and pastry. What a beautiful place.


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