Wednesday 16 March 2011

Music of a Life
Gustav Mahler at the Theatermuseum

"Gustav Mahler and Vienna"
"The exhibition ranges
from the education and training
of the fifteen-year-old prodigy

to the revolutionary reform
of opera he organised
together with the stage-designer,
Alfred Roller,

to the international successes
of the celebrated conductor
to the final return
of a terminally-ill man –

a broad survey
of the life and work
of this paradigmatic artistic personality;

shaped by the terrible tensions
inherent in the “Wiener Moderne”,
his influence continued to be felt
in the world of music long after his death." *

(* Quoted from
the Theatermuseum's
exhibition website)

The curators of this exhibition
- Reinhold Kubik and Thomas Trabitsch -
have put together a show of outstanding quality,
the installation and design by Blaich + Deluga
by themselves form a work of art

"Gustav Mahler and Vienna"
unfortunately is closed now.


in July 2010 at the

"The Music of a Life"
is the title of a novella
by Andreï Makine

© by Merisi


  1. Dear Readers,

    I hope you enjoy this repost about one of the most memorable exhibitions about a musician I have ever seen.

    I asked for permission to take the pictures,
    in case you were wondering. ;-)

    A wonderful day to you all,

  2. I love those reflections.

  3. I was first introduced to Mahler by Lewis Thomas in "listening to Mahler's 9th symphony."

  4. This must have been a splendid exhibition. So sad to have missed it. I love Mahler's music and even enjoyed Ken Russell's 1970's film about him.
    I noticed in another blog that you have received
    The Hare with Amber Eyes -- my best book of last year.
    Went to a talk by the author when he was in NY.
    Please let me know what you think of it.
    We are just back from Morocco to discover NY still cold with only a few snowdrops out.
    Sending warm wishes your way.

  5. I LOVE the silouhette of the spectator...
    And the curtain drawn in the window...

  6. Thank you for the visit! Very nice pictures! Mahler, Vienna, Opera... we can dream ;)

  7. Mahler, he reminds me of my violin lessons in my teen years - I had forgotten all about him!

  8. Thank you all for your kind comments!

    forgotten about Mahler?
    I cannot immagine! ;-)

    I added a link to today's post,
    I hope you enjoy listening to Mahler's Fourth!


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