Tuesday 8 March 2011

Lean on me ...
but not too much, please!

The Leaning Tower
of Puppenkrapfen

I tried,
I tried really hard
to get a perfect picture ...

Happy Fat Tuesday
to everybody,


@ by Merisi


  1. Hint:
    Clicking on the labels Faschingskrapfen or Puppenkrapfen will take you to posts where I explain a bit more about them.
    Merisi :-)

  2. Haha, I clicked on the Faschingskrapfen myself and guess what I saw? The little Krapfen-Tower wouldn't stand straight in 2009 either! *dang*

  3. Erinnert mich an den schiefen Turm von Pisa)) Köstlich!

  4. Dear Merisi, do these have bright red preserves in them? In one corner, no matter where you begin they alwyas end up at the end. The way dessert should be.

  5. :-) and if I knew how to express drooling, I would.

  6. I think the picture is quite perfect :)

  7. The Puppenkrapfen has now pushed me over the edge and I must comment. I thoroughly enjoy your postings and, of course, those dealing with Vienna's restaurants, cafes, and FOOD! I was a student in Vienna (lived in the 9th) during the Summer months of 1963, and I have yet to return. Your postings are helping me to revisit Vienna and I find myself not only salivating over your food pictures but also the prospect of a return visit. I remain eager for your next posting. Thank you.

  8. Is it Apricot jam inside?
    I'm sunk :(
    A total sucker for apricot jam...

  9. Yes, Carol, filled with apricot jam,
    and of the finest source,
    DARBO's of Austria
    (that's my opinion). ;-)

  10. Wow--do they look delicious or what!? Fabulous photo! ANd I'm drooling.

  11. PWS:
    Welcome and thank you!
    I hope you will be able to return to Vienna soon!

    A Brush with Color,

  12. GINA,
    I use an Austrian apricot jam filling.
    It jells enough so that the krapfen can be eaten without being too messy. ;-)

    A New Girl in Vienna,
    thank you!

    Vicki Lane,

    Thank you, Dorte! :-)

    I forgot to mention that I made those Krapfen myself. I learned how to make them before I moved to Vienna, simply because they were not readily available in Washington DC. It took me a couple of years to get the hang of it (and figuring out which American flour would make fluffy Krapfen instead of the stone-like mess I produced the first years).

    "No more baking Krapfen!" was my first thought when I moved to Vienna, where every bakery carries veritable wonderkrapfen at Carneval time. Well, the first Fat Tuesday in Vienna rolled around and I felt a little strange without baking Krapfen. By nightfall I missed the act of Krapfen baking terribly, and even more all the friends who always dropped in DC to help me eat them. Ash Wednesday morning I comforted myself by baking Krapfen. A day late, but it sort of helped dampen my homesickness.

  13. Such a fabulous and delicious shot!

  14. Thank you, Lady Fi! :-)

  15. you have used a skewer, right:-)

    Oh, I remember this time, when you got a great cup of tea and as many Krapfen as you liked in Potomac.
    I really, really miss it....

  16. Chez Wally,
    I missed you all, terribly.
    Had to eat too many Krapfen myself,
    now I am on a diet! ;-)

  17. I have been thinking of you and dreaming of the Puppenkrapfen. I almost made them on Tuesday because I knew it would be my last day for sugar now that Lent has arrived. But, alas, non. I will have to dream for six more weeks. Your latest post just about did me in!
    Catherine xx

  18. I definitely ate too much of them on that day...:)


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